Distinguished Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Alumni Award Presentation2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Dinner
Saturday, May 4, 2019 | 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Omni Dallas Hotel - Trinity Foyer & Ballroom

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, MTS ’00
Judy Kelly, BA ’63
Laura Felis Quinn, BS ’86 MBA ’18
John Parker, BA ’83 MBA ’89

Since 1992, the Distinguished Alumni Awards has recognized outstanding alumni who contribute to their professions, communities, and the University of Dallas. The annual event is hosted by the National Alumni Board and the Office of Alumni Relations. This year's DAA committee members are Daniel Milligan, BA '91, Mary Jo Dorn, MTS '10, and Ashley Streett, BA '12 MBA '14.

Registration is now closed. We look forward to seeing our guests on Saturday, May 4th!

Congratulations to our 2019 Recipients!

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, MTS ‘00, is a Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization graduate. He serves as president and CEO of Servant Enterprises Inc., and is one of the most sought-after speakers in the church today. He is the author of The Mass in Sacred Scripture and is a frequent Eternal Word Television Network contributor.

Laura Felis Quinn, BS ‘86 MBA ‘18, is a member of the board of trustees and lends her knowledge to the board’s marketing committee. Before her role as trustee, Quinn served on the National Alumni Board. She leads a pharmaceutical market research consultancy, a field in which she and her husband, Peter, have been experts for nearly 20 years.

Judy Kelly, BA ‘63, is Professor Emerita of Drama and founded UD’s Drama Department along with her husband, Professor Emeritus Patrick Kelly. A passionate member of the Dallas/Fort Worth performance arts community, Kelly continued her career in theater after retiring from the university. She has produced and directed a number of award-winning independent television productions and art features.

John Parker, BA ‘83 MBA ‘89, is the deputy general counsel for the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He leads a staff that provides legal advice on a variety of issues including ethics, procurement, fiscal, and administrative support. Prior to that, he served as U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Texas where he was responsible for all federal criminal prosecutions and civil litigations for a district with a population of over eight million people.

For more information, please email: DAA@udallas.edu
Or call the Alumni Relations Office: 972-721-5012


Past Recipients


Patrick Daly, BA '76 MBA '82

James Fougerousse, BA '67

Timothy Gehan, BA '82

Sister Theresa Khirallah, S.S.N.D., BA '70

Merrilee Salata Kralik, MPM '02

Father Peter Verhalen, O. Cist, BA '77 MA '81


Chris Bright, BA '78

JoAnne Stroud, MA '72, Ph.D., '75, MA '80, BA '78

Ray Khirallah, BA '72, MBA '76

Barbara, MPM '03, and Steven T. Landregan, MA '73


John Alvis, Ph.D., '66, '68, '73

Dr. Raymund King '86

Nancy Cain Marcus, Ph.D., '00, '03

Michael Marz '77, '79


Doug Lattner '75

Most Rev. Daniel Flores '83, '87

John McCaa '02


Michael Schwartz '72

Most Rev. Michael Duca '74, '78

Michelle Accardi '87

Sonia Kirkpatrick '11


Bridgett Wagner '81


Larry Allums ‘78

Emmet Flood ‘78

John Donnelly ‘81

Michael Wyatt ‘91


Jane Zuniga '70

Manuel Zuniga '70

Tom Tenner '71

Helen Bradley '76


Toni Horak '60

Michael Maguire '60

John Eastman '82

Susan Orr '82


Gail Thomas, Ph.D. ’72, ‘83

Charles J. Tusa ‘72

Carrie-Leigh Cloutier ‘84

Janis Fee, M.D. ‘84


Monsignor Don Fischer '62

Helmut Merklein '68

Paul Barker '69

Dr. David Gregory '70

Cynthia Ohlenforst '74

Father Peter Verhalen '77/'81

Dr. Carolyn Lyde '81

Danielle Flaherty '81, '82

Dan Flaherty '82, '83

Luc Indekeu '85


Kenneth T. Zeiler '67

L. Brent Bozell III '77

Laurette Dekat Kugelmann '79

Ronald F. Garvey, M.D., '86


O.D. Cruse '61


Paula Fisette Sweeney, '78

Mark J. Papania, M.D., '80


James H. D'Avignon, '66

Erica W. Swegler, M.D. '79


William M. Porter, Ph.D., '73


Sr. Kathy Foster, S.S.M., '70