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National Alumni Board Membership

What does it mean to be a member of the National Alumni Board?

What are the duties of an NAB member?

  • Attend at least two of the regularly scheduled meetings during each term year.
  • Participate in meetings and activities of committees of which the Director is a member.
  • Attend the NAB annual retreat, typically held in conjunction with the first meeting of the term year.
  • Attend major university events, such as Alumni and Family Weekend.
  • All Directors of the NAB will be expected to show financial support for UD by making an annual financial contribution to UD.
  • Directors must participate actively on at least one (1) standing committee of the NAB.
  • Directors must seek involvement in the UD community, and must encourage other alumni to become involved.

What are the responsibilities of each of the committees?

Please see the list of committees and their responsibilities below.

When are the meetings?

The NAB meets regularly three times a year. The first meeting, in June, is the NAB Board Retreat. The second meeting is held in October during Alumni and Family Weekend. The third meeting is held in February on the same weekend as Groundhog.

Additional meetings may be held if necessary to complete business.

Does one need to live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to serve on the Board?

Members do not need to live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to serve. In fact, to better represent the alumni of the University of Dallas, the board strives to have directors from different class years, schools or colleges, and geographic areas.

A phone number is provided for members to dial in to meetings if they cannot be physically present. Members do pay for their travel expenses to and from the meetings.

Does the board adhere to a charter and bylaws?

Yes. Please email for more information about the NAB charter and bylaws. 


NAB Committees

Alumni Communications & Participation Committee

  • Assist the Office of Development and University Relations with identifying opportunities for enhanced communication with alumni & improved participation in official events through methods including, but not limited to, social media, the alumni website, University media, & advocacy for the University within the community. 
  • Identify, recommend & make connections for alumni to be profiled in various media. Work with alumni relations to research, create, & disseminate talking points to alumni volunteers in order to drive alumni participation & promote UD.

Alumni Nominations and Recognition Committee

  • Assist the Office of Development and University Relations in the planning, promotion & execution of an alumni recognition program. Identify & nominate alumni for the NAB & class agents programs. 
  • Serve as an advisory committee for designated awards & speaking engagements. 
  • Cultivate accomplished alumni & a culture of recognition among alumni.

Student Relations and Scholarship Committee

  • Assist the admissions efforts within all schools & colleges within the University. 
  • Identify, recommend & recruit additional alumni to volunteer in many areas, including, but not limited to, staffing college fairs, following up with prospective students/families in their area, hosting recruitment/welcome events for deposited students/families in their area & assisting with activities for New Student Orientation. 
  • Personally serve as a volunteer recruiter in one or more of the activities listed here. 
  • Assist in the training & recognition of alumni volunteers. 
  • Assist Career Services in its efforts to aid current and graduated students find positions in graduate schools or with employers.


  • Assist the Office of Development and University Relations in the planning, promotion & execution of key alumni traditions, including, but not limited to, Reunions, the UD Ring, Groundhog, the Santa Social and the Easter Egg Hunt. This committee also works to promote student and alumni interactions and to welcome young alumni into the alumni community. 


Become a member of the National Alumni Board

Nominate yourself or somone you know to become a member of the NAB using this form.