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The University of Dallas offers a complete graduate program in the field of ceramics.

Faculty: Kelly O'Briant, Assistant Professor

Wood Kiln Yard

Wood Kiln Yard 

The MA/MFA ceramics program emphasizes material, technical, and conceptual exploration while encouraging innovation and interdisciplinary experimentation. It is open to all independent, self-motivated students, wishing to research aspects of ceramics including, but not limited to, the vessel, sculpture, utility and function, the figure, architectural, large or small scale, the decorative and the practical, and installation. Material and process exploration is encouraged, and the inclusion of other materials when appropriate is welcome.

Ceramics students work with all art faculty members through seminars and courses, independent studies, one-on-one critiques, and group evaluations. A full-tuition scholarship is awarded to each student accepted into the program, and there are graduate assistantships available, including one in ceramics.

Students firing a raku kiln.

Students firing a raku kiln.

Ceramics graduate studios are semi-private and spacious, overlooking a beautiful wooded area close to the sculpture, printmaking, and painting studios. Students have 24-hour access to the studio. The ceramics facilities include wood, salt, soda, raku kilns, gas, and electric kilns, a full glaze lab with slip casting table and spray booth, 3D printer, clay mixers, pugmills, slab rollers, extruders, kick and electric wheels, and raw material storage.

The graduate experience is further augmented by visiting artists and scholars, providing perspective and connection to the contemporary ceramics community. Past visiting artists have included Ronan Peterson, Teresa Pietsch, Kyungmin Park, Allison Rentjes, Tom Spleth, Andrew Martin, and Liz Lurie.


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