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UD Expands Classical Education Program

As many as 100 classical school teachers will receive scholarships this year as the University of Dallas intensifies its efforts within the classical education arena. The university also plans to bring on two new tenure-track faculty members, each devoted primarily to one of two programs in the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts. READ MORE

Future Teacher Carries On UD's Fulbright Legacy in Czech Republic

Catherine Blume, BA '18, first became fascinated by Czech fairy tales as a child listening to the stories of her art teacher, a close family friend who had immigrated from the Czech Republic. This coming year, living in Prost?jov, Czech Republic, and teaching at Cyrilometod?jské Gzmnázium (a K-12 Catholic school there), she hopes to incorporate these fairy tales as well as their American counterparts, in addition to other children's literature from both traditions, in order to instill in her students an appreciation of culture -- both their own and that of the United States, exploring how these cultures compare and contrast with each other.

Art Exhibition Rethinks Nature of Books, World Around Us

UD's Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of handmade artist books and printed works, titled "The Space Between," which converges around the idea of the space between things both in a literal and a metaphorical sense.

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The City

11.01-11.02.18 | 'The City: Classical Roots & Contemporary Realities'

For the first time in today's history, cities contain the majority of the earth’s human population — and opportunities and commodities now considered necessary for fulfilling human life is  dependent on a residence in a major city. In an effort to explore the reach of the classic humanities more broadly, across borders and disciplines, UD's Braniff Graduate School and the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) will host the fourth annual joint colloquium, "The City: Classical Roots 7 Contemporary Realities."  LEARN MORE
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