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The Toby Lab


My lab is interested in utilizing cellular, molecular, and genomics based approaches to understanding human lung diseases.  We incorporate techniques such as gene sequencing, human cell culture, PCR and enzyme activity assays to help us uncover important cell signaling pathways.  Our strategy is to combine sophisticated computational analysis along with hypothesis-driven laboratory experiments to elucidate disease pathogenesis.

human buccal mucosa

Freshly cultured human buccal mucosa epithelial cells from anonymous donor (Healthy)

Current Projects

Project 1- Characterization of the Immune Repertoire in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Project 2- Machine Learning using genomics data

Project 3- Basic studies into Human lung diseases (focusing on the cellular and molecular mechanisms)

Software and database resources developed by our lab-

ARDS-DB: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Research Database of Genes

Active Research Grants-

Women in Immune Driven Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies, PI: Toby

Active Research Collaborative Agreements-

National Institute of Health-National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, BioLINCC

BioLINCC: Biologic Specimen and Data Repository Information Coordinating Center - Web Access to NHLBI Biospecimens and Data

Lab Members


Fajar Adnan

Kimberly Diwa

Joseph Galasso

Brianna Hale

Trinity Ngo

Ashley Nguyen

Lavang Vu

High School Students:

Anika Kapoor

Ella Collard


A.J Zaugg- UNT Masters in Biomedical Science Program

Isabella Liano- UT El Paso, Neuroscience Program

Oluwatobi Quadri- Penn State Medical School Post Bac program

Mary Claryl Truz- TWU Nursing Program

Gaby Gonzalez- Zoo Intern Program