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Military Science

The University of Dallas is committed to supporting students who wish to earn appointments as commissioned officers in the United States Army or Air Force. The Leadership Concentration provides a multidisciplinary program in which students may combine ROTC training with a wide variety of courses from Business, History, Sociology and the Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics and Psychology. The new concentration targets students who are currently enrolled in ROTC training. Its mission is to provide these students with additional knowledge and skills that can further both their military careers and their post-military careers in private enterprise, public service, non-profit organizations, and education.


Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis by the host university. Each Scholarship can pay for some college tuition, fees and a specified amount for textbooks and course supplies determined by each contract that the ROTC student signs with their branch of the military.

Army ROTC scholarships consist of:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • Full-tuition scholarships that includes all fees: lab, etc.
  • The option for room and board in place of tuition, if you should qualify
  • $600 for books
  • A monthly stipend of $420

For further information contact the Admission OfficeAlso, you can consult the listing in the bulletin and course schedules under ROTC courses.

ROTC Field ExercisesROTC Courses

Students who wish to earn appointments as commissioned officers in the United States Army or Air Force may participate in the general military and professional officer courses at the University of Texas at Arlington (Army) or the University of North Texas (Air Force). All credits earned in ROTC programs may be counted as electives toward the undergraduate degree, but they do not satisfy core or major requirements. A Leadership Concentration is available for ROTC students.

Concentration Requirements

All students seeking the Leadership Concentration are required to take a total of 18 credit hours. Twelve hours of advanced credit are earned in ROTC programs. All ROTC courses will be noted as LDRS courses.

An additional six hours of credit are earned at the University of Dallas. Students can draw from among the following three-credit courses:

  • BUS 3302. Leadership and Organizations (prerequisite: BUS 1301. Business Foundations).
  • BUS 3306. Communication in Business (prerequisite: BUS 1301. Business Foundations).
  • HIS 3360. American Military History.
  • HUSC 2301. The World in the Twenty-First Century.
  • PHIL 3334. Business Ethics.
  • POL 3326. The Presidency.
  • POL 3360. Lincoln and His Times.
  • POL 4311. Thucydides: Justice, War, and Necessity.
  • PSY 3338. Social Psychology.

Other courses may be approved at the discretion of the concentration director. For students with a GPA of 3.75 or higher, LDRS course in the graduate Leadership Program – LDRS 5320 The Craft of Leadership, LDRS 5350 Story-Telling as a Mode of Thinking, LDRS 5340 Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers–may also be approved at the discretion of the concentration director. At least one of the University of Dallas courses will be offered every semester.

Army ROTC:

  • 1141–1142–0180. Introduction to ROTC and Leadership Lab.
  • 2251–2252. Team Development and Indiv./Team Mil. Tactics.
  • 2291 or 4391. Conference Course.
  • 3341–3342. ROTC Leadership I and II.
  • 4341–4342. Advanced ROTC Leadership I and II.

For additional courses, see UTA—Department of Military Science.

Air Force ROTC:

  • 1130–1140. The Air Force today.
  • 2130–2140. The Development of Air Power.
  • 3410–3420. Air Force Leadership/Management.
  • 4410–4420. Aerospace Studies.

For additional courses, see UNT—Department Aerospace Studies.