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Center for Teaching and Learning


University of Dallas Center for Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Director: Jacob Moldenhauer (Physics), Committee members: David Upham (Politics), Sr. Elinor Gardner (Philosophy), Jennifer Bannister (Business: Accounting), Zannah Buck (Library), Sarah Berry (English), Mark Peterson (History), and Ana Henriquez (Academic Success).

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a cross-disciplinary, faculty-led initiative to support excellence in teaching, scholarship, professional development, and convivial collegiality.  

The Center is working to develop a new program for the upcoming academic year that will, of course, include weekly lunches at noon on Wednesday, Fruits of Sabbatical, the writing group and several new initiatives. 

 This is the CTL lunch schedule for the first few sessions of Spring 2023.  We will be adding the rest of the semester lunch schedule as soon as we have confirmations.

Session Number 

Date (Wednesdays) noon-1pm


Faculty Presenter(s) Faculty Moderator
 1  1/18 No CTL Lunch due to start of the semester    
 2  1/24 QEP Info Discussion  Jose Espericueta  Jacob   Moldenhauer with a guest
 3  2/1

State of the University Address


 4  2/8 Black History Month and Why UD Celebrates It

Inimary Toby, William Cody, and Zannah Buck

Ana Henriquez
 5  2/15 Admissions Committee Carey Christenberry and Ger Wegemer Jacob   Moldenhauer 
 6  2/22

 UD becomes HSI and what this means for UD professors

John Norris, Matt Spring, and Jose Espericueta Ana Henriquez
 7  3/1

A Re-envisioned Business Education

J. Lee Whittington, Scott Wysong, and Brian Murray Jennifer Bannister
 8  3/8

State of the University Address

(No CTL Lunch)

President Sanford  
 9  3/15

Spring Break 

(No CTL Lunch)

 10   3/22

How Coaches and Athletics Help Students Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Jarred Samples Coach Lexi Stinson (Women's Soccer), Coach David Hoffmann (Men's Soccer), Coach Kelli Trautmann (Volleyball), Coach Bri Calver (Women's Basketball), Coach Matt Grahn (Men's Basketball)

Jacob Moldenhauer and Ana Henriquez
 11  3/29

Celebrating the Women of UD

In progress

Sr. Elinor Gardner and Ana Henriquez
 12  4/5

QEP Update

Jose Espericueta

Jacob Moldenhauer
 13  4/12

What UD Students Learn in Rome

Greg Roper, Andrew Glicksman, Kevin Saylor, Ryan Reedy, Theresa Guin, Ben Gibbs

Sr. Elinor Gardner
 14  4/19

Development and University Relations

*In Serafy Room, SB Hall*

Julie Abell and Kris Muñoz Vetter

Jacob Moldenhauer
 15  4/25

Book Launch Celebration

*In Serafy Room, SB Hall*

John Osoinach and Philip Harold

Mark Petersen

The Faculty Writing Group meets on average every other week. “Writing” is understood broadly here: In past semesters, though many participants have been working on articles or books, some faculty have used this group to help them work on grant applications, sustain a series of research meetings and gather equipment and staff for summer research projects. Anything that contributes to your research and requires long-range planning would qualify as “writing” here. To learn more, email Dr. Sarah E. Berry at

If you have received an award or achieved an accomplishment that you would like to share with your colleagues, please email Dr. Mark Petersen at

Information on the Writing Group, Writing Retreat and the Fruits of Sabbatical is coming soon. If you have any suggestions for future or current programming, please email Dr. Jacob Moldenhauer at


Jacob Moldenauer