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Institutional Research

Reporting Calendar

Fall 2020

Month Item Reporting Type
August USN&WR Online Best Business Program ES
  USN&WR Online MBA survey ES
  USN&WR Online Non-MBA survey ES
   Peterson's Interim Expense Survey  ES
  IPEDS - Institution Identification and IC Header Survey FR
September Census 12 day Extracts IR
  Merritt Research Services ES
  ICUT Preliminary Enrollment SR
  Texas Monthly College Guide Survey ES
  Web updates- IR census data IR
  UD Official Enrollment Report IR
  NCAA Financial Aid reporting FR
  Financial aid extracts IR

IPEDS - Institutional Characteristics Survey

  IPEDS - 12-Month Enrollment Survey FR
  IPEDS - Completions Survey FR
  THECB - CBM001 Student Enrollment file upload SR
  THECB - CBM009 Degree file Upload SR
  State Demographer's Report SR
  Employee Census extract IR
November Kiplinger's Best Colleges survey ES
  NACUBO Discounting survey ES
   FISAP enrollment data  ES
  Common Data Set (CDS) begin document completion ES
December College Board Undergraduate Survey ES
  ICUT Research Expenditures SR
  Barron's survey ES
  Cardinal Newman Guide update ES
   SACS Institutional Profile  FR
  Common Dta Set (CDS) completion ES
Reporting Type key: FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ES=External Survey

Spring 2021

Month Item Category
January IPEDS GRS & GRS 200% FR
  IPEDS Student Financial Aid Survey FR
  IPEDS Admissions FR
  IPEDS Outcomes Measures FR
  CGS/GRE Graduate Survey ES
  Delaware Survey of Instructional Cost ES
  American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Faculty Compensation Survey ES
  Peterson's Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions ES
  SACS-COC Institutional Profile IR
  Barron's Profile of Best Colleges ES
  Run end of term census files IR
  Wintergreen annual survey ES
  Oracle licensing ES
February Census Spring 12-day Extracts IR
  Princeton Review CDS/RDS Surveys ES
  Peterson's Survey of UG Institutions ES
  NSF/NIH Graduate Student Survey  ES
  ICUT Geographic Distribution survey SR
  UD Official Enrollment Report IR
  QS World rankings survey ES
  Web updates- IR stats IR
  NC SARA contract renewal SR
March THECB - CBM001 Student Enrollment file upload SR
   IIE Open Doors U.S. Study Abroad Survey-Rome campus ES
   IIE Open Doors U.S. Student Survey ES
  Peterson's Undergraduate Financial Aid Survey ES
  Peterson's Graduate Survey ES
April ICUT Transfers SR
  IPEDS Fall Enrollment FR
  IPEDS Human Resources FR
  IPEDS Finance FR
  IPEDS Academic Libraries FR
  USNWR Financial Aid Survey ES
  USNWR Finance Survey ES
  Princeton Review UG Survey ES
  College Board Survey ES
May Fiske Undergraduate Survey of Best Colleges ES
  Faculty workload IR
  USNWR Main Survey  ES
FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ES=External Survey 

Summer 2020

Month Item Category
June NCAA Enrollment & Graduation Rates FR
  Higher Education Directory Update ES
  NC SARA enrollment reporting FR
  Student Right to Know update IR
July SACS-COC Financial Profile FR
  Student Census & Financial Aid process review IR
FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ES=External Survey 

Data & Reports


Official Enrollment Report

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

Common Data Set 

The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. The combined goal of this collaboration is to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided to all involved in a student's transition into higher education, as well as to reduce the reporting burden on data providers.

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Other Reporting

Federal Compliance - hyperlinks below to view PDF


Survey Publishers - hyperlinks below to view the survey webpage.

Institutional Profile - Fall 2019

University of Dallas Institutional Profile - Fall 2019

Institutional Assessment 


National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE):

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey (NL SSI):