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The Official Podcast for JSerra Catholic High School
Adolescence does not end when young men and women go off to college. In a sense, their education for life has only just begun. That’s why it is crucial to send our sons and daughters to universities that understand how to complete the comprehensive education they need to live a flourishing life. Join University of Dallas President Jonathan J. Sanford as he talks to parents about the essential role the college years play in forming young men and women of virtue, and what makes some Catholic colleges and universities more suited for that than others.
What are universities for, anyway? Jonathan J. Sanford joins host Cy Kellett exploring questions from listeners such as: My daughter is going to college. Why should I send her to a Catholic university instead of a state school? How are students changing due to woke culture especially in Catholic universities?
The Catholic Herald puts Jonathan J Sanford, President of the University of Dallas in Texas, under interrogation.

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