Kenneth Ho, MBA, PE, MEngr

Kenneth Ho, MBA

Adjunct Professor of Business Analytics


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Ken Ho is CEO of KH International (data and analytics business consultancy) and a thought leader as well as keynote speaker, having presented white papers and AI-related topics at international conferences.  His passion is turning data, technology and analytics into innovative solutions that benefit society, improve efficiency, and meet organization objectives.  Ken is also a top data influencer who rapidly transforms data and AI teams, builds growth, weaponizes data, uncovers intelligence and creates continuous learning and strategic insight models for multiple industries.  He is also an accomplished storyteller and skilled in taking data and translating these points into executive and board presentations.  Ken also specializes in developing data fabric and setting up data governance practices and forums.

He has served as Chief Analytics Officer for Synovus Bank and previously held the position as Chief Analytics and Data Sciences Officer for United Health Care’s (UHC) Government Programs which includes Medicaid and Medicare.  He headed the Business Analytics Sciences Insights and Strategies (BASIS) organization, made up of analytic strategists, data scientists, big data platform developers and infrastructure operations analysts.  The UHC BASIS organization is focused on the unique needs of the Government Programs and Operations Organization; and right after he started with UHC, Ken transformed the organization to redefine how to provide value to the health plans by becoming customer-centric, building strong relationships, implementing efficiencies and driving down cost, all while integrating the business intelligence organizations across Medicaid and Medicare into one single team, branding it as BASIS with the tagline of “Value Realized.”  Under Ken, BASIS has been a shining example of organization cultural change, collaborative execution, and sustained business engagement; and has expanded its contributions to a larger set of UHC member needs as well as optimized its data management, processes, and big data technology deployment. 

Before UHC, Ken held senior data and analytics leadership positions in major international corporations, including IBM, FCB, Morgan Stanley, Wyndham and at Citibank, where he served as Senior Vice President of Global Business Intelligence, Risk & Big Data Analysis.  While at Citi, he led a three-year credit card risk intelligence mitigation effort across multiple countries, fulfilling a critical regulatory requirement stemming from the financial crisis.  At IBM, Ken led the strategic planning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for the IBM eServers.  Ken also built several start-ups transforming businesses in diverse geographical and environmental contexts while balancing short-term performance and long-term sustainability.  His experience includes implementation of key data and BI initiatives to anticipate and seamlessly blend with changing business and customer needs as well as digital disruption and emerging technologies.  

As a graduate from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering as well as a Masters in Structural Engineering, Ken led construction projects involving bridges, tunnels, stadiums, and high-rise buildings; and is also a licensed Professional Engineer.  Ken holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  Currently, Ken serves as an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the University of Dallas Gupta School of Business.  In his spare time, as a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, he actively participates in championships and teaches children and young adults at a gym in McKinney, TX where he is based.   Grounded in his martial arts discipline, he is enthusiastic about healthy living and teaching others to realize their individual and business potential.  Ken's hobbies include reading, philately, home renovations, model train building and volunteering at homeless shelters.