Scott McCracken is currently employed at Rocket Red, a Dallas-based advertising agency focused on brand advertising, digital communications, web design & development, and event marketing. Scott’s current position is Management Supervisor and Brand Planner, which basically includes account management functions (project management, business and marketing strategy development, ROI, and new business), as well as Account Planning responsibilities –consumer research, brand strategy, and creative evaluation.

Scott has worked in a number of advertising agencies both in the U.S. and abroad, with focus on the Mexican market, the U.S. general market and the emerging U.S. Hispanic market. Agencies include Leo Burnett, Ogilvy & Mather, Dieste Inc., Alma DDB and The Richards Group. Scott has held positions both as Account Manager and Brand Planner.

 As having worked in both the general and Hispanic markets, Scott’s expertise is in the understanding of multi-ethnic cultural trends, consumer behavior, and targeted Marketing strategies to optimize business’s ROI.

 Scott’s professional education began in Mexico, with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing. A few years after moving to Dallas, he decided to get an MBA, being fortunate enough to study and complete it at the University of Dallas.