Bradley Winton is currently a Senior Geologist at Scout Energy Partners. He is responsible for drilling operations and field enhancement, which includes project management, risk analysis, cost reduction, and operational optimization. Scout Energy Partners is a private energy investment manager, focused on providing upstream oil and gas investments for institutional partners. Brad joined Scout in 2018 to help continue its meteoric growth that includes completing over 50 acquisitions with over $1.5 billion in acquisition value since establishing its first institutional fund in 2011.

His past experience includes working in several executive roles, including as a Director of Credit Analysis for Oaklawn Investments, a subsidiary of Beal Bank, and as the Vice President of Exploration for a local oil and gas company. In these roles and in his 12 years of experience in the Energy Industry, Brad has developed proficiencies in Acquisition/Divestiture, Financial Modeling, Investment Decision/Risk Analysis, Process Improvement, Data Management/Evaluation, Business Trend Analysis, Communication, Team Management, Leadership, Negotiation, Risk Management, Cost Control / Scheduling, and Economic Evaluation.

Brad received an M.B.A. in Energy Leadership from Texas A&M Texarkana, a M.S. in Geoscience from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a B.S. in Geology from Millsaps College. Currently, he is completing his D.B.A at the University of Dallas.