4+1 Programs

4+1 Programs

The University of Dallas offers 4+1 programs in which students can earn both their Bachelor’s and their Master’s degrees in as few as five years. 

Why the 4+1 Program?

  • Save money – Since graduate degree program charges are assessed on a per credit hour basis, your completion of graduate hours as part of your regular full-time undergraduate schedule (up to 18 hours per semester) lessens the number of hours you will pay for as you complete your Master’s degree.
  • Save time – By enrolling in the 4+1 program, you will begin taking graduate level courses during your undergraduate studies. This type of dual enrollment will save you 6-12 months in time to completion of your master’s program when compared to regular graduate applicants.
  • Complement your UD Undergraduate Degree – You can enroll in a 4+1 program that is highly related or unrelated to your UD undergraduate major. The 4+1 degree can help you expand the depth or breadth of your knowledge to empower your personal and professional goals.

Available 4+1 Programs

The 4+1 programs are available in both the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts and the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business
M.A. in English Master of Business Administration (MBA)
M.A. in Philosophy M.S. in Accounting
M.A. in Politics M.S. in Business Analytics
Master of Psychology M.S. in Cybersecurity
M.A. in Teaching M.S. in Finance
Master of Theology, M.A., MTh  

To get started...

  1. Fill out the 4+1 Interest Form.
    1. Once you have completed the 4+1 Interest Form, you will be assigned a Graduate Advisor/Director. Your Graduate Advisor/Director will work with you to ensure that you complete the appropriate graduate level courses, and advise you on GPA and other program requirements, during the remainder of your undergraduate program.

  2. Complete the application to your chosen Braniff or Gupta graduate program in the final semester of your senior year.
    1. Complete the Braniff 4+1 Application 
    2. Complete the Gupta 4+1 Application
    3. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate Graduate Admissions Committee.  Acceptance letters will be sent via email.

  3. Submit the Intent to Enroll/Offer Acceptance Form to confirm your plans to enroll in the graduate portion of the 4+1 program.

    1. Refer to your acceptance letter for submission instructions. 

Important Notes: 

  • You must submit a 4+1 Interest Form in order to receive the 4+1 benefits. Students who do not submit a 4+1 Interest Form before beginning their final undergraduate semester will not be considered for the 4+1.

  • You may defer your admission to the graduate portion of your 4+1 program for up to one year after completing your undergraduate studies.

  • You may transfer up to 12 graduate credit hours taken during your undergraduate studies into your graduate program. You must have received a “B” or better in each graduate level course in order for the classes to be considered transferable.

  • While there is no minimum GPA requirement to apply to one of the 4+1 programs, students with at least a 3.66 GPA in undergraduate courses after completing 90 undergraduate credits may count 6 credit hours of the graduate coursework they have taken towards their undergraduate degree as well; these 6 hours will “double count” for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.