Alternative Certification Courses

Alternative Certification Courses

EDU 5377 - Human Growth and Development

Exploration of physical, mental, social and moral growth across the lifespan. Students examine significant theories of development with emphasis on the work of Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg and Vygotsky. Students discuss and question significant topics of development that reflect on the issue of "nature vs. nurture." A research project requires students to examine areas of human growth and development in light of developmental theories.  

EDU 5344 - Literacy Instruction, Assessment and Practice

This course addresses the major components of literacy programs from early childhood through 8th grade. The theoretical foundations of literacy are discussed as well as the interrelated components of literacy across all developmental stages of oral and written language. Current, research-based literacy development knowledge and strategies are explored, along with appropriate literacy assessment methods, commensurate with state requirements for students and teachers.

EDU 5343 - Elementary Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

An overview of elementary education, addressing classroom management, teaching methodology, curriculum planning, and educational evaluation as they have evolved and relate to both the classroom teacher and the student. Special populations and appropriate differentiation strategies are explored. An examination of assessment through reflective practice offers insight into the selection, construction and implementation of assessments.

EDU 5326 - Philosophy of Education

Consideration of themes such as the nature of the student and of the teacher, goals of education, curriculum and methodology, the nature and division of knowledge, education and the common good. Inquiry is cast in the light of fundamental considerations of the nature of the human person, of mind, of being, and of the good chiefly through the study of classic texts of the Western philosophical tradition (e.g., Plato's Republic and Rousseau's Emile). Attention given to contemporary issues in education is in light of these prior inquiries.

EDU 6350 - Instructional Strategies Across the Curriculum

This course will explore effective curriculum integration and instructional strategies across social studies content areas. The course also explores the scope of literature for children and young adults and the principles necessary for a successful and fruitful literature program. The course intends to create a love for fine writing and a sensitivity to and appreciation for the relationships among art, music, drama and literature in a multicultural setting. 

EDU 6327 - Elementary Math and Science Teaching and Practice

This course develops students' pedagogical content knowledge appropriate for elementary school math and science instruction. Attention is directed to developmentally appropriate practices for teaching math and science. Candidates will explore inquiry methods in both math and science, including utilization of a laboratory approach and concrete manipulatives.

EDU 5379 & 5380 - Internship in Education

The capstone courses in teacher education (grades EC-6). Students actively teach all day in an accredited elementary school, supervised by a certified mentor teacher and a university supervisor. Concurrent participation in seminar course required. 

EDU 5346 - Best Practices for Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

Students connect learning from observations in secondary school classrooms with instruction that involves active participation, readings and presentations about pedagogical theory, research and best practice. Topics include the qualities of effective teachers, standards and lesson planning, classroom management, differentiated instruction, special populations, instructional strategies, activities, resources, and technology integration. 

EDU 5352 - Educational Evaluation

An examination of assessment through reflective practice offers insight into the selection, construction and implementation of assessments. Offers preservice and in-service teachers an environment in which to explore what it means to assess in the context of teaching.  

EDU 5323 - Reading in Secondary Schools

This course extends the student's knowledge and skill in order to provide literacy instruction that improves learning in secondary school content areas. Students explore relevant research and theory and engage in teaching and applying proven principles and strategies related to literacy instruction in secondary school content areas. Topics include standards, reading and writing as processes, linguistics, text structures, fluency, comprehension, dyslexia, vocabulary and assessments. 

EDU 5351 - History of American Education

Students acquire knowledge and keener insights into the present and future promises and perils of America's schools while exploring the historical events and factors that have shaped this evolving American enterprise from the 18th to the 21st centuries. Through reading primary and secondary sources and class activities, students learn the historical, philosophical, political, social and economic forces that have influenced education in America.