Concentration Requirements

Concentration Requirements

The Concentration

Historically, the human sciences, such as anthropology and sociology, emerged as traditional cultures were turning modern. One of their central concerns has therefore been the problems of negotiating this transition.

This makes them indispensable for understanding human existence in the contemporary world. 

Concentrators in the program learn to apply the theories and concepts of anthropology and sociology to problems of contemporary societies. The skills and knowledge acquired regarding cultural practices, social structures and forms and aspects of the contemporary world are useful for anyone planning to go into law, government, business, journalism, graduate studies in the social sciences, or any other field demanding an articulate grasp of life in a globalizing environment.

A student electing the Anthropology and Sociology concentration will take (1) ANSC 3331: Conceptual Foundations of the Human Sciences, and (2) at least three other three-hour ANSC courses, two of which must be numbered 3000 or higher and two of which must be among those required of the major.

Anthropology and Sociology Courses

  • ANSC 2301. The World in the Twenty-First Century.
  • ANSC 2311. Introduction to the Social Sciences.
  • ANSC 3311. The Arts in Contemporary Cultures.
  • ANSC 3312. Science, Technology and Society.
  • ANSC 3320. Introduction to Public Health
  • ANSC 3331. Conceptual Foundations of the Human Sciences.
  • ANSC 3334. Philosophical Anthropology of the Contemporary World.
  • ANSC 3V57. Internship
  • ANSC 4320. Global Health
  • ANSC 4341. Tradition and Innovation
  • ANSC 4V61. Directed Readings and Research