Art History, BA

Students of art history at the University of Dallas seek to understand contemporary art in relation to the work of the past. Art history majors at the University of Dallas have the advantage of the Rome Program, where they can experience classical and Renaissance art firsthand, and close contact with practicing artists in the faculty and graduate program on campus.

Degree Requirements

Greek columns on hill
Sounion, Greece. Photo by Felice Lagarde ’24.

The art history area of the art major also includes the art core. Direct study of artworks experienced in the studio, gallery, museum and University of Dallas Rome Program enhances the student's understanding of the history of art.

The art history area of the art major requires 25 credits in art history, 19 of which are advanced hours: a one-credit senior seminar; two credits in Gallery Practicum; ten credits in studio (drawing and design); and six credits in advanced art electives. Advanced art history courses (including a methodologies/aesthetic course) typically begin in the junior year and culminate with the senior capstone project, a written thesis and oral presentation on some aspect of modern or contemporary art. The student must organize a faculty committee and participate in senior reviews and an oral examination, while also passing an art history comprehensive test. 

Printmaking professor Laura Post talks to a student in an active classroom

Printmaking professor Laura Post (left), MFA, in one of the active studios of the Haggerty Art Village.

Art History Course Sequence Following the Art Core


Year III

Fall Classes Hours
Advanced Art History 3
Advanced Art History, Modern 3
Math 3
Elective 3
Art Gallery Practicum 3
Total Credits 15


Spring Classes Hours
Advanced Art History 3
Advanced Art History, Contemporary 3
Politics 1311 3
Physical Science + Lab 4
History 1312 3
Total Credits 16

Year IV

Fall Classes Hours
Senior Research/Art History 3
Art Gallery Practicum 1
Advanced Art Elective 3
Life Science + Lab 4
History 1311 3
Total Credits 14



Spring Classes Hours
Senior Thesis/Art History 3
ART 4152 Senior Seminar 1
Philosophy 3311 3
Elective 3
Advanced Electives 3
Total Credits 13

Art History Faculty

All Art Faculty
Placeholder Photo

Estelle Voisin Fonteneau PhD

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Art History

Phone: (972) 721-5318


Office: Art History Building #103

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