Classical Philology, BA

The classical philology degree prepares students to explore both original texts and secondary scholarship in the classics. Students of classical philology demonstrate a firm grasp of ancient history and literary criticism as well as reading knowledge of an ancient and modern foreign language.

Classical Philology Major Requirements


Students must complete 18 credit hours in the chosen primary language, Greek or Latin, at the 3000 course level or above. Included in these 18 are:

  • Advanced Grammar and Composition (Greek 3324 or Latin 3324)
  • Junior Paper. (At the end of the junior year the classics major writes a research paper of 15-20 pages. The general topic of the paper is determined by the subject of one of the advanced literature courses in the major language for which the student is enrolled during the second semester.)
  • Senior Project: Written and presented orally at the end of the senior year.

Six additional credits are selected from offerings at the 3000 level or above in the major or second language or, by permission of the program adviser, may be chosen from advanced offerings in literature, politics, philosophy, history, etc. Whenever possible, the classics faculty will assist the student in doing work in the related field in the appropriate language. 

Latin or Greek must be completed through the intermediate level. Advanced courses are recommended.

Reading knowledge of one modern language, preferably German, is determined through an examination administered by the program adviser in consultation with professors in the appropriate language. The student must pass this examination no later than the end of the junior year. Students often choose to take MGE 5311 German For Reading Knowledge or MFR 5311 French For Reading Knowledge to fulfill this requirement.

There are three parts, written on three different dates. Passing the comprehensive examination is a requirement for graduation.

  • Ancient History, 2-3 hours.
  • Philology (includes accurate and literate translation into English, and general knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of your major language), 2-3 hours.
  • Literary criticism (annotated bibliography)

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Teresa Danze Ph.D.

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David Davies Ph.D.

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