Drama Requirements

Drama Requirements


35 Hours

In addition to the University's Core Curriculum, which may include Theater History (DRA 3310), Drama majors must take three of the following credits:

  • Theater Arts Workshop (DRA 1101)
  • Studio Rehearsal/Production (DRA 4142)
  • and 29 hours of advanced drama courses. 

Drama majors must also select one upper-level three-hour elective course from Drama department offerings or in related courses from other departments, such as:

  • Shakespeare
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Roman Drama
  • French Drama in the Twentieth Century
  • German Drama
  • Contemporary Drama in Spain
  • Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama

Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination is given early in the Spring semester of senior year.  Drama majors must pass this examination to fulfill requirements for graduation.  The exam may be taken a second time or a separate section may be repeated if necessary. The exam covers the following topics:

  • Theater History
  • Theater Literature
  • Production
  • Contemporary Theater
  • Stagecraft

15 Hours

Students must complete the following course requirements with a minimum of 15 earned hours.

DRA 3310 Theater History

Students must also take either:

  • DRA  3335 Theater Literature I
  • DRA 3336 Theater Literature II 

Two courses selected from the following:

  • DRA 3301 Acting
  • DRA 3312 Stage Craft
  • DRA 3313 Stage Design
  • DRA 3332 Basic Staging

These four (4) courses represent the 3000 level courses taught in the Drama major that teach core practical competencies in the various disciplines in Drama. A student concentrating in Drama should select two (2), determined by a student's individual interest and in consultation with their concentration advisor.

Students must participate in at least three (3) productions produced by University Theater for credit as indicated below:

  • DRA 1101 Theater Arts Workshop – must be taken at least twice (2x).  
  • DRA 3357 Special Topic/Mainstage – may be substituted for DRA 1101.
  • DRA 4142 Studio Rehearsal/Production – must be taken at least once (1).