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Drama programs at UD serve as a foundation for graduate study, professional work in theater and mass media, a teaching career in either elementary or secondary education, or, by proper choice of electives, graduate work in foreign language, English literature, dramatic literature, journalism, communication or comparative literature.

The Taming of the Shrew


About UD Drama

A person committed to the study of theater within the framework of a liberal education must be prepared to work toward two goals: first, a thorough competence in the basic skill of dramatic expression and interpretation; and concurrently, a view that comprehends dramatic art as it relates to, expresses, and extends the surrounding culture.






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Kyle Lemieux

Kyle Lemieux M.F.A.

Associate Professor, Drama

Phone: (972) 721-5240

Email: klemieux@udallas.edu

Office: Drama Building #106

Stefan Novinski

Stefan Novinski M.F.A.

Associate Professor, Drama

Phone: (972) 721-7018

Email: snovins@udallas.edu

Office: Drama Building #108