Christopher Wolfe Ph.D.

Christopher Wolfe

Distinguished Affiliate Professor

Dr. Wolfe was an Affiliate Professor of Politics from 2014-2021.  He is President Emeritus of the Dallas Forum for Law, Politics, and Culture (formally the American Public Philosophy Institute)  For more information on its activities at UD, in the Dallas area, and nationally, go to

Ph.D. Boston College
B.A. University of Notre Dame

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“Spurning the Inevitable?: Do Contemporary Liberals Appeal to Nature As a Standard of Justice?” at the James Madison Program conference on “Natural Law, Natural Rights, and the American Republic” (May, 2010)

“Have Our Universities Given Up on the Meaning of Life?” at the Thomas International Center Seminar on “Parts Without a Whole: The Missing Link in Contemporary Higher Education” Duke University (April, 2010)

“McCulloch v. Md. and Marshall's Constitutional Interpretation” in McCulloch v. Maryland at 200 (forthcoming, AEI)

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