2017 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards

2017 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards

Presentation of Haggery Teaching Awards 2017

The 2017 Haggerty Teaching Excellence Awards — supported and made possible by the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation and determined by student and alumni votes — recognized the following faculty for their dedication to and excellence in teaching:

Name Description
Frank Doe This professor is admired and beloved by generations of students who have benefitted from his care and good humor. After decades of teaching, he retains and daily transmits his enthusiasm and delight for knowledge of the natural world to all his students. Always ready to help a student struggling with Gen Bio or encourage an upper level student in their research, he helps the best students achieve their aspirations for entrance into medical schools of their choice, while ensuring that all students who are willing to put their heart into their studies can succeed in biology. Former Biology Chair, Constantin Dean, and longstanding leader and adviser of the pre-med program, this award goes to professor Frank Doe.
Jenny Gu Though this professor has only been at UD for over five years, she has already had a profound effect upon her students and the Finance program. Two words characterize her teaching style: dedication and integrity. She is highly respected by all of her students for her knowledge and expertise, and she is admired for the constant attention to detail and care she exhibits to all of her students. She developed and directs the University of Dallas Student Investment Fund, which allows students to get their hands dirty in actual investing, not merely investing hypothetically, but experiencing the real responsibility, joy, and concern over the success of their investment expertise. This award goes to professor Jenny Gu.
Thomas Jodziewicz This professor’s exams often strike fear into a freshman’s heart, partly because of their difficulty and partly because of their desire not to disappoint him. His lectures are lively, and despite their degree of difficulty, his core and his upper level courses are filled to capacity. He inspires majors to study American history, and his class on American Catholic history has become a highlight of many students’ educations. His joviality extends beyond the classroom to encompass turns as St. Nick, and his booming presence at athletic events and midnight breakfasts demonstrates the heartfelt camaraderie he inspires among the students. This award goes to professor Tom Jodziewicz.

Gregory Roper

Undergraduates of all majors flock to this professor’s core courses due to his reputation as a magnificent teacher of both writing and literature. English undergraduate and graduate students swarm to his upper level offerings, certain to experience an enriching and engaging seminar. Articulate, demanding, and insightful, he is also light-hearted and jovial and caring, excelling in the virtue of laughter he himself proposed to the students at a senior Convocation a number of years ago. A quintessential UDer, having himself graduated from UD, this professor is universally admired, respected, and beloved by his students. This award goes to professor Greg Roper.
David Sweet This professor is known as one of the most erudite members of the faculty at UD, quite an achievement given the quality of our faculty. Former students used to try to stump him with questions, but whether the area was baseball, neurology, or even the origin of orange trees in Greece, he always had an answer. Gentle in demeanor, his excitement over the intricacies of the Greek and Latin languages ranges from phenomenological reflections on the aorist to profound philosophical considerations of the great texts of Plato and Pindar and Vergil. As Chair of Classics, Graduate Dean of the Braniff School of Liberal Arts, Rome professor and Director of Latin in Rome, he has played a significant role in the leadership of UD and the Classics Department over the last decades. His careful grooming of Classics students for graduate studies has left a legacy of highly successful classicists who transmit his love for the classics to their own students. A generation of IPS graduates teaching all over the nation look back gratefully on his leadership of the Braniff Graduate School. This award goes to professor David Sweet.