Cybersecurity Warrior

Cybersecurity Warrior

Becoming a 21st Century Cybersecurity Warrior



It’s a battle out there, and the cyber criminals are winning. Both private and public sector entities are looking for champions to keep them safe and to defend them against sophisticated, determined and often well-funded foes. So how can a cybersecurity student become a cybersecurity warrior?

What the Research Shows

Careers in cybersecurity are in demand, and the market for cyber professionals is growing. Estimates place the shortage of cybersecurity professionals at 1.8 million by 2022. There are a number of options for aspiring cyber warriors and many potential roles to be played. Success depends on identifying your target job and developing a combination of education, experience and a marketing plan for that perfect start in a cybersecurity career.

Why Research Matters

For many, a career in cybersecurity is desirable because it is dynamic, respected and high-paying. The demand is rapidly outgrowing the pool of qualified applicants. But getting into cybersecurity is not easy. Our research provides a pragmatic look at the opportunities and hurdles facing new entrants to the cybersecurity field and suggests a variety of options to overcome some of the most difficult challenges.

About the Researchers 


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