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Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Amount: $18,000 - $32,000
Eligibility: High School Seniors

Priority Deadline: January 15
Regular Deadline: March 1

Awards ranging from $18,000 up to $30,000 per year may be offered to selected applicants based on high school GPA. Please note: UD is continuing its test optional policy for applicants during the 2023-2024 academic year (Fall 2023 entry). The student's application for admission serves as the application for an Academic Achievement Scholarship. No additional application is necessary. For an Academic Achievement Scholarship estimate, visit our Scholarship Calculator.

Scholarship names and amounts for 2023-2024 (Fall 2023 entry to UD):

Trustee Scholarship-$32,000/year 

President's Scholarship-$28,000/year

Provost's Scholarship-$25,000/year

Dean's Scholarship-$22,000/year

Founder's Scholarship-$18,000/year