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Center for Thomas More Studies

Center for Thomas More Studies

The Center for Thomas More Studies

Our Mission

To promote the study of Thomas More, especially his understanding of liberty,  statesmanship, and the need for educated and virtuous citizens.

Major Programs

  • Publication of educational resources, especially the CTMS website to support research projects on Thomas More and statesmanship and an upcoming Essential Works of Thomas More
  • Annual scholarly conference at the University of Dallas
  • Grants for research and advanced study of Thomas More
  • Courses on Thomas More, tailored to particular interests
  • Regional conferences for teachers, offered in conjunction with local universities


Dr. Gerard Wegemer is professor of literature at the University of Dallas and the founding director of the Center for Thomas More Studies. Among his publications are Young Thomas More and the Arts of Liberty (2011), Thomas More's Trial by Jury (2011) edited with Henry Asgar Kelly and Louis Karlin, A Thomas More Source Book (2004) edited with Dr. Stephen W. Smith, Thomas More on Statesmanship (1996), and Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage (1995).