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O'Hara Scholarships

O'Hara Scholarships

Full scholarships covering tuition, room and board during the eight-week summer semester are awarded to each incoming freshman student selected for the program. In addition, the O'Hara Institute pays for a variety of scheduled social activities. The value of this scholarship exceeds and is independent of all other financial aid.

Students are responsible for their textbook, purchasing homework access, and travel to and from campus, as well as personal expenditures. Since the O'Hara Institute is a full-time, intensive program, selected students may not enroll in other classes or be employed during the time of the program. Scholarship students are required to live on campus.

The course is divided into two four-week summer semesters, and grades are awarded for each semester. A grade of C- or better is required to continue in the program for the second semester. In order to receive credit for eight semester hours of chemistry, students must complete at least one full semester at the University of Dallas after completing the O'Hara program.