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Fall 2022 Senior Studios

Monstrous Birth

Monsterous Birth Written and Directed by Lynley Glickler
Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
December 1-3, 2022
Drama Building

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s original novel, “Monstrous Birth” draws us into the world of Victor Frankenstein through the eyes of the various women in his life.

As more of Frankenstein’s life is revealed, we are asked - what makes a monster?


Pariah Written by August Strindberg
Translated by Edwin Björkman
Directed by Jack Urbanski
December 1-3, 2022
Drama Building

This suspenseful, psychological drama by August Strindberg examines the struggle of a man wracked by the guilt of his criminal past as he uncovers the secrets of a strange traveler. Tensions flare as their conflicting views of justice, motive, and the rightful ownership of a chest of gold come to light.


About UD Drama

A person committed to the study of theater within the framework of a liberal education must be prepared to work toward two goals: first, a thorough competence in the basic skill of dramatic expression and interpretation; and concurrently, a view that comprehends dramatic art as it relates to, expresses, and extends the surrounding culture.

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