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April 26 - 29, 2018
Margaret Jonson Theater

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The Precious Damsels
"In Moliere’s mischievous, extravagant comedy, The Precious Damsels, two young girls refuse the marriage proposal of two rich men, leading the men to seek revenge by sending their employees in disguise. The two disguised employees sweep the girls off their feet, until the rich men return, beating their disguised employees and taking their clothes. Unable to overcome their shame, the girls throw the employees out of their house."

Oh, the Humanity
Oh, the Humanity is a collection of four short plays. In each play, humans grapple with fear, loneliness, mortality and expectations. In this collection of existential human dramas, characters and audience confront the wonder, fragility and majesty of their humanity.

The Debutante
Set in Upper East Side, New York, 1919, The Débutante tells the story of Rosalind Connage as she falls in love with a poor aspiring writer named Amory on the night of her debut. Amid familial pressure to marry a wealthy suitor and conflict over her own desires, Rosalind must choose between sacrifice and heartbreak. The turmoil of a war-torn world surges through the story of a young woman facing adulthood, vulnerability, and love.