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Education and Classical Learning

Department of Education and Classical Learning

Teaching the next generation of teachers

2016 Fall Student Teachers

As an independent liberal arts university, the University of Dallas's Department of Education and Classical Learning has a unique contribution to make to the vocation of teaching and working in schools. The Department aims to prepare students to teach in all types of schools--public, private, and charter. The Department's programs aim not only to provide sound academic preparation, but also professional preparation with specific emphasis given to moral and ethical issues embedded in what it means to teach. It is important to recognize that learning to teach is a collaborative process with undergraduate students, faculty, and practitioners in the field.

The primary objective for all of our programs in the Department of Education and Classical Learning is to prepare prospective teachers to become professionally responsible, effective, and articulate teachers who can themselves model human flourishing and virtue in the classroom. Our programs provide strong academic preparation that reflect the research and knowledge of the learning and developmental processes involved in k-12 education. 

The program is planned within the mission of the university to meet standards for teacher education and certification as established by the Texas Education Agency. The curriculum incorporates a strong historical and philosophic approach. In addition, prospective teachers acquire knowledge and skills necessary to create enriching, rewarding classroom environments while differentiating instruction for their students living in a world of accelerating change.