Education for Theology Majors

Education for Theology Majors

There is no state certification in the area of Theology. However, the Department of Education works with theology majors to prepare them for teaching positions in Catholic schools. Each diocese/school determines the qualifications required to teach theology. Students must check specific diocesan requirements to insure compliance.

The Diocese of Dallas is part of the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department(TCCED), which requires that all teachers in a Catholic School be degreed in the area they are assigned to teach and have a minimum of 12 credits in education. The Diocese of Dallas requires that a Deficiency Removal Plan be on file at the school for all teachers who do not meet TCC teacher requirements.

Education courses that are needed to fulfill Texas Catholic Conference requirements include Developmental Psychology (Edu 3327 or 3328); Educational Evaluation (Edu 5352); Institutional Models for Elementary or Secondary Education (Edu 4343 or 4346); Classroom Management and Teaching Methods (Edu 5V50 or Edu 5323).

Recommended courses for those who wish to teach Theology:

Edu 1305 Computer Problem Solving (Learning Theory Integration)
Edu 3111 Practicum (Pre-Student Teaching Junior High Field Experience)
Edu 3112 Practicum (pre-Student Teaching High School Field Experience)
Edu/Psy 3328 Psychology of Adolescence or Edu/Psy 3327 Child Growth and Development
Edu 4343 Principles of Elementary Education or Edu 4346 Principles of Secondary Education
Edu 5352 Educational Evaluation
Edu 5323 Reading in the Secondary Schools (spring only)
Edu 5357 Instructional Strategies (summer only)

*Edu 4350, 4850. Directed Teaching in Religion and Theology.
*Edu 4148 Student Teaching Seminar

*The Department develops and maintains a placement portfolio for students who successfully complete a minimum of 18 hours in education and take the courses marked with asterisks.

Questions about education for theology majors? Contact the advisor. 


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