Faculty Directory

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John Alvis, Ph.D. John Alvis, Ph.D.
Professor, English Department
Shakespeare, Milton, Hawthorne, Melville alvis@udallas.edu
Braniff Graduate Building #362
Brett Bourbon, Ph.D. Brett Bourbon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English Department
Philosophy of Language bourbon@udallas.edu
Braniff 368
Scott Crider, Ph.D. Scott Crider, Ph.D.
Professor, English, English Department
Shakespeare, The Trivium crider@udallas.edu
University of Dallas Rome Program, Via dei Ceraseti 12, 00047 Marino (RM), Italy
+39 06.457.68.554
David Davies, Ph.D. David Davies, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English and Classics, Director, IPS Literature Program, English Department
Milton, Greek and Latin literature davies@udallas.edu
Braniff 366
Kathryn Davis, Ph.D. Kathryn Davis, Ph.D.
English Department
Literature kedavis@udallas.edu
Braniff 120
Robert Scott Dupree, Ph.D. Robert Dupree, Ph.D.
Professor, English, English Department
European Literature and Culture, Literary Theory rdupree@udallas.edu
Catherine Hall 225
Eileen Gregory, Ph.D. Eileen Gregory, Ph.D.
Professor, English, English Department
Discipline of Lyric, Contemporary poetry eileen@udallas.edu
Augustine Hall, Room 108
Theresa Kenney, Ph.D. Theresa Kenney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English, English Department
Shakespeare, Medieval literature, Dante, and Nineteenth-Century novels, especially Jane Austen tereska02@gmail.com
Braniff 308
Fr. Robert Maguire, O.Cist. Robert Maguire, O. Cist.
Afilliate Assistant Professor, English Department
Southern Literature, Irish Literature bluehawk@udallas.edu
Braniff 318
Andrew Moran, Ph.D. Andrew Moran, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English Department
Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Evelyn Waugh amoran@udallas.edu
Braniff 236
Andrew Osborn, Ph.D. Andrew Osborn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English Department
Poetic difficulty, formalism, and lyric theory aosborn@udallas.edu
Braniff 314
Debra Romanick Baldwin, Ph.D. Debra Romanick Baldwin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English , English Department
Joseph Conrad, the psychology of extreme conditions as depicted in modern literature, the artist as critic in the 20th century. dbaldwin@udallas.edu
Braniff 364
Gregory Roper, Ph.D. Gregory Roper (Greg), Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English Department
Middle English literature roper@udallas.edu
Braniff Graduate Building #360
Steven Stryer, D.Phil. Steven Stryer, D. Phil.
Associate Professor, English, Director of the Master's Program in English, English Department
The intersections among political ideology, historical thought, and literary style in the eighteenth century stryer@udallas.edu
Braniff 316
Bernadette Waterman Ward, Ph.D. Bernadette Waterman Ward, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English, English Department
Gerard Manley Hopkins, Cardinal John Henry Newman, Epistemology, Christian Theology bward@udallas.edu
Braniff 306
Gerard Wegemer, Ph.D. Gerard Wegemer, Ph.D.
Professor, English, Director, Center for Thomas More Studies, English Department
Thomas More, Shakespeare, the English Renaissance wegemer@udallas.edu
Braniff 310