Andrew Osborn, Ph.D.

Andrew Osborn received his M.F.A. from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and his Ph.D. from UT-Austin. His research interests include poetic difficulty, formalism, and lyric theory. 


  • A.B., Harvard University
  • M.F.A., University of Iowa - Writers' Workshop
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Recent Courses

  • Literary Tradition I (Iliad, Odyssey; Aeneid; Beowulf; Gawain)]
  • Literary Tradition II (Divine Comedy; Paradise Lost; Lyric )
  • Literary Tradition III (Fifth-century Athenian, Medieval, and Elizabethan drama)
  • Literary Tradition IV (Mansfield Park; Moby-Dick; Crime & Punishment; Go Down, Moses; short fiction)
  • Literary Study I: Lyric ("Junior Poet")
  • Literary Study II: Prose Fiction
  • Twentieth-Century Literature
  • Twentieth-Century Poetry by the Book
  • Creative Writing: Poetry
  • Creative Writing: Narrative Fiction
  • Lyric Theory
  • Modern Irish Poetry
  • Marilynne Robinson:  Novels & Essays of American Mindfulness

Research Interests

  • Lyric poetry and theory
  • Literary difficulty
  • Modernism and postmodernism
  • Pragmatism and ordinary language philosophy
  • 20th-century Irish poetry
  • The sublime

Selected Publications

  • Rev. of I Am Flying into Myself: Selected Poems 1960-2014, by Bill Knott. Chicago Review 60.4/61.1 (2017): 209-18.
  • "Likings, Likenings, and the Push of Reading."  Philological Review 40.2 (2014): 37-64.
  • "Difficulty." The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. 4th Ed. Eds. Roland Greene and Stephen Cushman. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2012. 364-66.
  • "Like Animals, Like Love."  Rev. of  The Lions, by Peter Campion, Never-Ending Birds, by David Baker, andHorse and Rider, by Melissa Range.  Spoon River Poetry Review 35.2 (2010): 94-123.
  • "Habits of Thought, Inhabitings of Possibility: An Interview with John Koethe." Southwest Review92.1 (2007): 52-81.
  • "'A Little Hard to See': Wittgenstein, Stevens, and the Uses of Unclarity." Wallace Stevens Journal28.1 (2004): 59-80.
  • "August Kleinzahler: Interview." Verse 17.2-3/18.1 (2001): 165-90. Rpt. in The Verse Book of Interviews: 27 Poets on Language, Craft & Culture. Amherst, Mass.: Verse, 2005. 30-55.
  • Admit Impediment:  The Use of Difficulty in Twentieth-Century American Poetry.  Diss. University of Texas at Austin, 2001. Ann Arbor:  UMI, 2001. AAT 3008413.
  • "Skirmishes on the Border: The Evolution and Function of Paul Muldoon's Fuzzy Rhyme."Contemporary Literature 41.2 (2000): 323-58. Rpt. in Multiformalisms: Postmodern Poetics of Form. Ed. Annie Finch and Susan M. Schultz (Textos, 2008): 259-303.
  • "Street-Smart Swagger and Tendresse." Rev. of  Green Sees Things in Waves, by August Kleinzahler. Notre Dame Review 10  (2000):  153-58.
  • "Poirier's Latest Push." Rev. of Trying It Out in America: Literary and Other Performances, by Richard Poirier. Iowa Review 30.1 (2000): 171-77.


  • Plato's Aviary.  Ridgefield, Conn.: Aldrich, 2003.
  • Poems published in American Letters & Commentary, Bat City Review, Colorado Review, ColumbiaDenver Quarterly, Erato, Fence, Graham House ReviewNotre Dame Review, Southwest Review (Morton Marr Poetry Prize for 2008), and Spoon River Poetry Review. Also: online through the Blanton Poetry Project and Verse Daily.




  • Rev. of Swarm, by Jorie Graham. Boston Review 25.1  (2000): 56-58.
  • Rev. of My Way: Speeches and Poems, by Charles Bernstein. Chicago Review 45.3/4 (1999): 173-77. Rpt. inContemporary Literary Criticism 142.
  • Rev. of On a Stair, by Ann Lauterbach. Boston Review 23.6 (1998-99): 55-57.