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French Language and Literature at the University of Dallas

1301-1302. Elementary French I and II. The foundation for the study of French. Students acquire a basic vocabulary and an understanding of fundamental linguistic structures. Fall and Spring.
2311. Intermediate French I. Review and further study of grammar, together with intensive oral and written practice. Study of selected aspects of French culture. Three contact hours per week. Fall.
2312. Intermediate French II. Study of the periods and monuments of French culture, emphasizing particularly moments of French cultural greatness with which modern American undergraduates are unlikely to be familiar. Extensive work in reading, writing and speaking French. Spring.
3305. Introduction to French Literature.
3310. Reading and Expression in French
. Intensive practice in reading and writing French. Prerequisite: 2312 or the equivalent.
3311. Advanced Communication. French Cinema I. Practice in oral French, chiefly through the study of French New Wave cinema. Prerequisite: 2312 or the equivalent.
3312. Advanced Communication. French Cinema II. Practice in oral French, chiefly through the study of French New Wave cinema. Prerequisite: 2312 or the equivalent.
3313: Advanced Communication. Contemporary France. Practice in oral French, emphasizing contemporary issues. Prerequisite: 2312 or the equivalent.
3120. Studio Drama. Participation in a French-language theatrical production. May be repeated. Offered frequently, usually in spring. Graded Pass/ No Pass.
3145. Advanced French Grammar I. The first of three one-credit courses; French majors are expected to take all three. Designed to ensure a solid grammatical foundation necessary for further progress in the language. It is a refinement and an extension of knowledge already acquired rather than a simple review.
3146. Advanced French Grammar II.
3147. Advanced French Grammar III.
3330. Historical Linguistics.
Designed for language majors, but open to all students. An introduction to modern approaches to the study of language, culminating in an inquiry into the origins, historical development, and kinship of Indo-European languages. Every other year.
3331. Applied Linguistics. Introduction to Foreign Language Pedagogy. Introduction to the methods for teaching foreign languages at the secondary and university levels focusing on theory as well as practice. Includes supervised teaching units in UD Modern Language courses. 
3341. French Literary Tradition I. Introduction to the key texts of the French literary tradition and to the techniques of textual analysis in a modern language. An overview of the genres, movements, and chronological development of French literature with a focus on texts from La Chanson de Roland to the works of Montaigne.
3342. French Literary Tradition II. The continuation of 3341: 17th and 18th centuries. 3343. French Literary Tradition III. The continuation of 3342: 19th and 20th centuries.
3V32. French Outreach Teaching Practicum. Supervised foreign language teaching in cooperation with local area schools and home school associations. 1-3 credits. Graded course.
3V50-5V50. Special Topics in French. Courses offered as needed, focusing on particular periods, or genres.
3V57. French Internship. (can be taken for up to three credits): a 1-3 credit practicum undertaken with the approval of the program director involving off-campus educational involvement, such as an internship or related activity, in which there is a designated analytical or intellectual element resulting in an appropriate research paper or related project. Students should follow guidelines for internships. Graded Pass/No Pass.
4310. Studies in French Authors. (SFA). Detailed study of the entire oeuvre of one or more major authors.
4320. Studies in French Narrative. (SFN). 4321. Studies in French Poetry. (SFP).
4323. Studies in French Drama (SFD).
4340 Studies in a French Period or Movement (SFM).
4346. Symbolist Poetry:
Baudelaire and His Aftermath. A study of modern French poetry and poetic theory from Baudelaire into the 20th century, with special emphasis on the Symbolist tradition: Baudelaire, Mallarme, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Valery.
4349. Senior Honors Thesis. Exceptionally qualified senior majors are invited, as one of their major elective courses, to spend an entire semester researching and writing a thesis on a worthwhile topic, under the direction of one of their professors.
4V51. Independent Research.
4359. French Thought and Culture after 1945.
High points of the French intellectual scene since the Second World War.
4V90. Studies in French Cinema (SFC).
5311-5312. French for Reading Knowledge I and II.
5315. Introduction to Old French.
5316. Topics in Old French.
5317. Introduction to Old Occitan.



Interim Dean Appointments Announced

The University of Dallas (UD) announced the appointment of reference librarian and adjunct French instructor Ron Scrogham as interim dean of libraries and research of the Cowan-Blakely Memorial Library, and the appointment of longtime Politics Professor Richard Dougherty, Ph.D. ’93 M.A. ’89, to serve as interim dean of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

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