Richard Dougherty, Ph.D.


Ph. D. in Political Philosophy, University of Dallas, 1993
M.A. in Political Philosophy and Literature, University of Dallas, 1989
B.A. in Political Science, Belmont Abbey College, 1981
Paralegal Assistant Certification, Bentley College, 1982

Academic Appointments

Chairman, Department of Politics, University of Dallas, 2011-present
 Acting Chairman, Department of Politics, University of Dallas, 2009-2010
 Associate Professor of Politics, University of Dallas, 2000-present
 Director, Center for Christianity and the Common Good, University of Dallas, 1993-present
 Faculty Representative, Lilly Foundation's Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts, 1997-present
 Director, International Studies Concentration, 1994-2011

Recent Courses

  •   POL 3368/5307 Catholic Political Thought
  •   POL 3326/5302 The Presidency
  •   POL 3332/5305 Aristotle's Politics
  •   POL 4353 The Federalist/Anti-Federalist
  •   POL 5357 Tocqueville
  •   POL 7380 Medieval Political Philosophy
  •   POL 6377 Cicero
  •   POL 4353 Catholic Political Thought
  •   POL 3323 Constitutional Law
  •   POL 3312/5301 Political Regimes: Plutarch, Augustine, Machiavelli
  •   POL 1311 Principles of American Politics
  •   POL 4351 Senior Seminar

Research Interests

Medieval political philosophy, Constitutionalism and American politics, Presidency, American Founding

Selected Publications

  • “St. Thomas on the Acquisition of Virtue and the Natural Law,” in The Virtuous Life: Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtues, ed. Henk J. M. Schoot and H. Goris (Leuven, Belgium: Peeters Publishing, 2017). Available here.

  • Review of Peter J. Steinberger, The Politics of Objectivity: An Essay on the Foundations of Political Conflict (Cambridge University Press, 2015), in The Review of Metaphysics (forthcoming, 2017).

  • Co-Editor, and Co-Author of Introduction, with Thomas Neumayr, Reprint of Charles N. R. McCoy’s The Structure of Political Thought. Piscataway, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers (2016). Available here.

  • Author, Full entry on St. Augustine’s City of God, Oxford Bibliographies, forthcoming, 2017; available online here

  • “Justice, Charity, and the Political Order: Assessing the Encyclical Tradition,” article in Free Markets with Solidarity and Sustainability: Facing the Challenge, eds. Martin Schlag and Juan Andres Mercado, Catholic University of America Press (2016): 135-154. 

  • “Federalism and American Politics: The Founders and the Modern State.” Essay in Besinnung auf das Subsidiaritatsprinzip, ed. Anton Rauscher, Berlin, Germany: Duncker & Humblot (2015): 51-63. Available here

  • “St. Thomas Aquinas on the Acquisition of Knowledge,” in Thomas Aquinas: Teacher of Humanity, ed. John P. Hittinger and Daniel C. Wagner. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015: 228-242. Available here.

  • “The Old World Meets the New: The ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ and the Origins of Property Ownership in America.” Article in Das Eigneum al seine Bedingung der Freheit: Property as a Condition of Liberty, ed. Anton Rauscher. Berlin, Germany: Duncker & Humblot (2013): 199-217. Available here.

  • Review of Ran Hirschl, Constitutional Theocracy (Harvard University Press, 2010), in The Review of Metaphysics (Dec., 2013) Vol. LVII.2: 430-432.

  • “‘The Pursuit of Wisdom, of Truth, and of Virtue’: The Core and the Catholic University.” Essay in Ramify: Braniff Graduate Student Journal (Fall, 2013): Vol. 4:  100-120. Available here.

  • Essay on “Law,” The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine, eds. Karla Pollmann and Willemien Ottten, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2013, 3 Volumes. Available here


  • “St. Thomas Aquinas on the Nature of Man in the Treatise on Law,” Sixth Thomas Aquinas International Society Conference, “The Human Person,” Bologna, Italy, April, 2017.
  • Discussant, Panel on “Judicial Power, Rights, Race,” Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, Boston, MA, November, 2016.
  • Lecture, Cicero’s De Officiis: An Introduction and Overview,” Humanities Program Ancient World class, University of Dallas, November, 2016.
  • Discussant, Panel on “The Imperiled Presidency Revisited,” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, September, 2016.
  • “The Role of Religion in the American Political Experiment,” Paper delivered at the German-American Colloquium on Religious Liberty and Modern Liberal Democracy, Portsmouth Institute of Faith and Culture, Portsmouth Abbey, July 25-30, 2016.
  • Colloquium Participant, “International Law, Foreign Law, and the United States Constitution,” Sponsored by Liberty Fund and The Federalist Society, San Antonio, TX, February 19-20, 2016.
  • “St. Thomas on the Acquisition of Virtue and the Natural Law,” Paper delivered at a conference on “The Virtuous Life: Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtues,” sponsored by the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, Tilburg University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, December, 2015.
  • “St. Thomas Aquinas on Knowledge, Studiousness, and the Vice of Curiosity,” Lecture delivered at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 21, 2015.
  • Discussant, Panel on “Medieval Jewish Political Philosophy and the Question of Rootedness,” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September, 2015.
  • “Lucretia, Cato, and the Problem of Political Ethics in Augustine’s City of God,” Paper presented at a panel on “The Political Thought of St. Augustine,” Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, Boston, MA, November, 2014.
  • “Augustine’s City of God: Pagan and Christian Ethics in the Roman Republic.”  Paper presented on a panel on “Augustine and Classical Thought,” at a conference on “Teaching the Christian Intellectual Tradition,” Lilly Endowment Program, Samford University, Birmingham, AL, October 2-4, 2014.
  • Field v. Clark and the Origins of Congressional Delegation,” Paper presented at a panel on American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., August, 2014.

Awards & Honors

  • 2016 Award, State of Bavaria, Germany, funding position for teaching and research, Visiting Professor of Political Science, Department of Comparative Political Science, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Inglostadt, Eichstätt, Germany.
  • University of Dallas, King/Haggar Faculty Summer Research Grant, 2013, for work on manuscript, “A Reader’s Guide to St. Thomas Aquinas’ ‘Treatise on Law’.”
  • 2013 Award, McWilliams Prize, Best Faculty Paper in Political Theory, Northeast Political Science Association Conference, Boston, MA (awarded at 2013 Conference).