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As an integral part of the mission of the Neuhoff Institute for Ministry and Evangelization (NIME), is that we pride ourselves on the various collaborative partnerships we have developed over our 20+ years of service with dioceses across the nation to meet the specific needs that each diocese has for their diaconate formation programs. The intellectual, spiritual, and practical components of our program offers each diaconate candidate a balanced and well-rounded formation experience. NIME also knows that deacon candidates have other obligations like that of work and family, and so we are committed to bringing our programs to specific dioceses. Out of the relationships that we build with diaconate candidates, men in formation are offered the opportunity not only to learn from well known UD faculty, but also to engage in discerning the needs of the Church and observe ongoing excellence in ministry. Formation of diaconate candidates is in full conformity with the National Directory of Formation, Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons (USCCB). 

Some of the current and past partners NIME has provided diaconate formation to include: 

  • Diocese of Dallas (both English and Spanish)
  • Diocese of Fort Worth (Spanish)
  • Diocese of Beaumont (Spanish)
  • Diocese of Tyler (English) 

If you are interested in partnering with us in providing support to the formation of diaconate candidates in your diocese, contact us, anytime, to discuss our flexible options and explore the many ways in which NIME can be of service to the men of your diocese who are ready to minister and serve in the faith communities that they are called to serve. For individuals, if you are interested in learning more about the process and requirements to become a deacon, please contact your diocese.

Partner With Us

For more information on forming a partnership with the Neuhoff Institute or to inquire about how we may support your diaconate formation program, contact us at or call 972-721-4118.