University of Dallas Care Team

University of Dallas Care Team

University of Dallas Care Team

The University of Dallas cares about the emotional and physical well-being of all students, as well as their academic success. The University has developed a Care Team, a group of faculty and staff committed to a caring, confidential program of identification, intervention and response in order to provide our students with the greatest chance of success and our community with the greatest level of protection.


The mission of the Care Team is to identify students of concern and develop a plan that gives students the tools and resources needed to overcome adversities in order to succeed at the University of Dallas.

How the Care Team works

The Care Team works most effectively when the University of Dallas community shares information about students of concern through Care reports, phone conversations, emails or in-person with a Care Team member. Once a student has been identified as needing support, the Care Team creates a response plan to best respond with an inclusive and suitable response to that particular student. Once the response plan is developed, the members connect with the student to provide the necessary resources in order for that student to succeed at UD. Connection methods include: emails, phone calls, check-ins from a Residence Coordinator or Resident Assistant, communication with academic staff, and meetings with medical, mental or spiritual advisors. The appropriateness of each connection method is addressed by the Care Team and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

How does the Care Team benefit the student?

The Care Team proactively identifies students of concern and addresses threats to students’ health, mental health, quality of life, and retention. The team works to recognize and bridge the gap between poor academic performance, financial needs, social dysfunction, and emotional, behavioral or medical issues. Based on the student's situation, the Care Team provides the student with the appropriate resources for their specific needs.

How does the CARE Network identify students?

Anyone in the UD community can identify a student in need of the Care Team. Students, parents, loved ones, faculty and staff can all file Care Team reports by sending an email to Members of the UD community should file Care reports on student who display "red flags" such as: reports of homesickness; changes in family dynamic (sick family member, new baby, death in family, parent job loss, divorce); loss of scholarship or financial issues; exhibits of emotional, psychological or physical issues; significant change in academic performance or grades.

File A Report

To file a CARE report, please email