Executive Council and Senate

Executive Council and Senate

Student Government

Executive Council Members

The Executive Council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer who work to communicate with adminstration about the affairs of Student Government.

Position Name Email
President Nikki Kramer sgpres@udallas.edu
Vice President   studentgovernment@udallas.edu
Secretary Amanda Heinzler sgsecretary@udallas.edu
Treasurer Damian Kosciolek sgtreasurer@udallas.edu

The Senate

The Student Government senate is made up of elected representatives from the different communities on campus. Senate elections are held during the first few weeks of the fall semester and again at the beginning of the spring semester if there are vacancies.

For more information on how you can run for Senate please email studentgovernment@udallas.edu

Senate Positions

Each undergraduate class has five representatives on the Senate, with an additional representative for each of the following: commuters, international students, student atheletes, and the Holy Trinity Seminary.

Freshman Class Senators

Theresa Gasser,

Gracie Geddie,

Elias Simpson,

Aubrey Wieberg, and

Molly Zepeda

Sophomore Class Senators

Charlie Atkins,

Bianca Aridjis-Olivos,

Tayloir Hampton,

Suzie Hwang, and

Andrew von Weber-Hahnsberg.

Junior Class Senators

Max George,

Matthew Quinlan,

Libby Regnerus,

Catherine Schwenk, and

Damien Walz.

Senior Class Senators

Cadance Chiappe,

Brenda Mendoza Flores,

Jazmin Gudino,

Catherine Hand, and

JP Hasson.

Commuter Senator

Patrick McNeely

International Student Senator

Michael Ewnetu

Student Athlete Senator

Alexis Vera

Seminarian Senator

Reed Robinson