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Student Government - Student Affairs - University of Dallas

Student Government


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"The Board of Trustees of the University of Dallas hereby establishes the student body of the Constantin College and its elective governing body, Student Government, as the structure by which undergraduate students may collectively participate in shaping the quality of student life within the University."
--Student Government Charter


The University of Dallas Student Government functions as the representative assembly of the UD student community. The purpose of UD Student Government is threefold:

  1. Promote the general welfare of the University and the Student Body through its support of the University's mission, ideals, and values.
  2. Communicate student concerns and interests to appropriate University Committees and to the University Administration.
  3. Sponsor programs and services to enhance campus life.

Guided by the mission of the University and in accordance with the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church, Student Government strives to foster a healthy and enriched campus environment and to build up a strong student community. The Executive Council and Senators are dedicated to serving the interests of the UD student body and are always open to listening to ideas, opinions, and concerns of our community.


The Senate, consisting of representatives from each undergraduate class, commuters, international students, student athletes, and the Holy Trinity Seminary. The Senate and Executive Council meet weekly to discuss important student issues and concerns in order to provide innovative and effective responses. These meetings, along with the various committee meetings are open to the public, so fellow students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend. Due to COVID restrictions, please email for more information on how you can attend either virtually or in person.

The Executive Council includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Council ensures that Student Government as a whole runs smoothly and effectively, and that student concerns are appropriately communicated to the administration. The President particularly meets with administrators, and the Vice President presides over the Senate. The Treasurer ensures responsible handling of SG funds, and the Secretary is responsible for keeping records and publicizing the events and accomplishments of the Senate.


Get in Touch

Do you have a concern about campus life? Feel free to reach out to your class senators or the executive council.

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