Pre-Arrival Information

Pre-Arrival Information


From packing to computers to work study, there's a lot to think about once your paperwork is complete.  Make sure that you are 'in the know'!

Supplies & Gear

What should I bring?  Make your list and check it twice...

An important rule to remember when packing is that if you don't use it now, you won't use it when you get here!


Alarm clock
Dish set - plate, bowl, cup and utensils
Mini-fridge/microwave - 700 watts max (coordinate with your roommate so you don't bring two!)
Decorative items - photos, posters
Blue or green painter's tape to attach things to your walls
Coffee maker (if desired)
All-purpose cleaner


1-2 sets regular twin bed sheets
Bed accessories - comforter, pillow
Extra blanket


1-2 towels (don't forget a hand towel!)
Shampoo, conditioner, hair products
Shower flip flops
Shower caddy
Take a look around your bathroom now.  If you use it every day, bring it to college!


Stain removers
Iron (but only if you use one now)
Laundry bag/hamper


Aside from everyday attire, consider the following:

Dress clothes (for Mass or other formal events)
Winter items (if you want, your parents can ship these to you later or you can bring them back after Thanksgiving)
Workout clothes


Small first-aid kit with Band-Aids
Allergy medicine


Printer (there are places you can pay to print on campus)
Network cable (optional - all residence halls have Wi-Fi)
USB drive
Camera (don't forget the charger!)
Surge protectors (NO extension cords)


Stapler with extra staples
Backpack/book bag 


Bed risers - up to 6" only
Your favorite snacks for when the cafe is closed
Health insurance card
Passport/driver's license/Social Security card (especially if you have work-study!)
Emergency contact info
Paper towels/tissues
Water bottle


Are you flying to DFW, but have too many things to carry with you? New students may ship boxes to campus in advance to pick up when they arrive.  Just be sure to head down to the Printing and Postal Office located in the basement of the Haggar University Center once you arrive, and ask for the packages in your name. Be prepared to show your University of Dallas Student ID card.  The address is:

Student Name

University of Dallas Box # 991

1845 E. Northgate Drive

Irving, TX 75062-4736

Lodging for Out-of-Towners

Several area hotels offer special rates to UD families and guests. Check out our Hotels webpage for a listing of hotels, their rates, and contact information.  Please note that some of the hotel information may not be current. We recommend calling the hotel to verify current rates.

Private Transportation

Students are welcome to have their own vehicle and park it on campus. However, students must purchase a Parking Permit through the University of Dallas Police on-line. (To purchase and register a vehicle; go HERE) Pay for a Parking Permit with a Credit Card, then pick up the Permit from the University Police Department in Haggar during normal business hours from 8 am – 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

University of Dallas parking policies are available HERE. Vehicles must be in operating condition with current state registrations, inspections and tags in order to be registered on campus. Students will be ticketed if parked in a Visitor Space.

An Important Message from University of Dallas Police

The University has implemented an emergency notification system that sends voicemails, text messages and e-mails to students, faculty and Staff in the event of an emergency. Members of the UD community are able to quickly receive notifications, instructions and updates during campus emergencies, ranging from weather-related closings to unique emergency situations where time is of the essence. You are strongly urged to visit the UD Web site and logon to BannerWeb HERE to provide your CELL PHONE, E-MAIL and other vital emergency contact information. The notification system is only as useful as the contact information people provide.

Public Transportation

Students without personal vehicles have the option of using the public transportation system. The DART system (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) has a bus route with a stop at our campus. The DART system includes:

  • The Trinity Rail Express to Ft. Worth and Ft. Worth buses to destinations including Sundance Square, the Ft. Worth Museum District, and the Stockyards.
  • The A-Train to Denton, plus all Denton buses.
  • The Orange Line which serves DFW Airport, Love Field, UT Southwestern Medical District and Parkland Hospital, the American Airlines Center, downtown Dallas, the Dallas Museum District, Mockingbird Station, SMU/Bush Library, Northpark Mall, and more.
  • Connections to McKinney Avenue trolley, Fair Park, and the Dallas Zoo.

You can check out the DART schedules HERE. Full-time students can also apply for a DART college student id which gives them access to reduced fares. More information about this as well as the enrollment form can be found HERE.

Keep up with DART service information.

Computer Specifics

Students are welcome to bring their own computers with them.  For more information about computers on campus, internet connections, printing on campus and more, please visit the Academic Information Systems web page HERE.  UD email login instructions are also provided by the AIS office.

Payment Questions

An Accounts Receivable Specialist in Student Account Services can help make arrangements for tuition management, help settle your balance, or address any questions you may have concerning your latest statement. Please call 972-721-5144 or email the

Personal Finance

The Office of Finance cannot accept third-party checks. We are not affiliated with any bank and do not provide checking or savings account services and other bank specific services.  There is a generic ATM machine located in the Haggar University Center, near the bookstore. This machine is not affiliated with any specific bank so a service fee is charged.  

Admissions or Financial Aid

If you have questions about Admissions or Financial Aid, please e-mail the Admissions Office or talk to a counselor by calling toll free 1-800-628-6999.  You can e-mail the Financial Aid Office directly by e-mailing

Work-Study Award

Thinking about a job on campus?*  Contact the Office of Human Resources for details.  Don't forget to bring your passport OR your License and your Social Security card with you to campus.  You CANNOT get a job without them.   

*Federal Employment Law requires that all employees present original identification and employment eligibility documents.  Copies are not permitted by law. 

Academic Advising

If you are wondering which classes you should take, or have questions about degree plans or your faculty advisor, the Office of the Dean of Constantin College will have an answer for you. You may call that office at 972-721-5108.