Current Mentor Resources

Current Mentor Resources

Mentoring Guide for Mentors

Thank you for participating in the UD Mentoring Program. 

You were matched with a UD student. Now what? 

  1. Initial Contact and Introduction:
    • Your mentee will email you with an introduction and ask to coordinate a day and time to meet that works for you both. We ask that you meet with your student at least twice per semester. 
    • You will want to coordinate how you plan to meet (in person, Zoom, or phone). If meeting in person, we request that you meet with your mentee on the UD campus.
  2. Mentoring Meetings:
    • Students will communicate with you via their UD email address. 
    • Meet on campus if meeting in person. All meetings must be held in a public place. 
    • Mentors should not provide transportation for mentees. 
    • Use your first meeting to outline the terms of the mentoring, including expectations for time commitment, preferred communication methods and the goals of both parties.  
  3. Semester Check-Ins: 
    • At the end of the semester, Alumni Relations and OPCD will survey mentors and mentees to gather feedback on the program.

Initial meeting action items

  • Share a bit about yourself (major, job experience, hometown, etc.).
  • Plan how often you will meet (once per week, biweekly, once per month) or schedule your next meeting at the end of each meeting. 
  • Set expectations for how quickly you will respond to emails or texts and your preferred method of communication (phone call, text, email).
  • Discuss your mentee’s goals for this mentorship, your goals for this mentorship, and how you can help your mentee achieve their goals.

Conversation starters 

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why did you choose UD?
  • What’s your major and why did you choose it? What majors are you considering?
  • What do you hope to gain from mentoring?

What is NOT expected of me as a mentor?

  • To offer jobs or internships to your mentee. 
  • To initiate all contact with your mentee. This should be a two-way relationship. 
  • To offer counseling to students about private matters or personal issues.


Additional mentor resources


  • Career advice in your particular field or industry.
  • What makes a good first job?
  • Career options for specific majors. 
  • Importance of experiential learning (research, volunteer, internship, or working).
  • Discuss graduate school (if applicable). 
  • Discuss current industry trends. 
  • Why did you want to participate in the UD mentoring program? 
  • Describe your ideal internship/job/company. 
  • What concerns you most about applying for opportunities? 
  • What are you interested in right now? 
  • What do you hope to do after graduation? (It is okay if they do not know). 
  • What are your plans for this semester? 
  • What classes at UD have you enjoyed? 
  • Are their student clubs or orgs you are interested in getting involved in? 
  • What questions do you have for me? 

We stress that this is a professional relationship. Though you may develop a bond with your mentee, please remember that they are not your peer.

  • Do not share private matters or personal issues with your mentee and vice versa.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or feel that boundaries have been overstepped, please contact Alumni Relations.

Additional Communication Tips 

  • Be explicit regarding what you advise your mentee to do.
  • Repeat instructions or directions frequently.
  • Ask your mentee if they need clarification.
  • Be encouraging and supportive.
  • Do not assume what the mentee understood yesterday, they will understand today.
  • Demonstrate what you mean rather than just giving verbal instruction.
  • Ask one question at a time and provide adequate time for mentee to reply.

Mentors: alumni and other professionals who commit to assisting UD students, recent graduates, and other alumni in exploring and achieving their career goals.

Mentees: students or recent graduates seeking advice and assistance from alumni and community professionals.

AR / OPCD: Alumni Relations and the Office of Personal Career Development are the UD staff responsible for executing the Mentoring Program.

The Mentor agrees to the following:

  • Coordinating with the student to set a mutually agreed upon day/time and format for an introductory meeting once your mentee has contacted you.
  • Adhere to all prescheduled appointments.
  • Assist mentee in professional development based on the parameters discussed at the introductory meeting.
  • Provide insights and personal experiences on professional matters.
  • Notify Alumni Relations about any questions or concerns, especially regarding any changes to your ability to perform as a mentor. Please also notify us if your mentee does not contact you within two weeks.
  • For job shadowing, provide mentee with all applicable requirements for the designated facility/organization where the shadowing will take place.


What is expected of student mentees? Please see the training information shared with students below:

UD Mentoring Program - Student Training