Agineszka Rostkowski - Art Thesis Exhibitions 2020 - Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery          - University of Dallas

Agineszka Rostkowski


Agineszka Rostowski, Senior Art Thesis Exhibition

Welcome to Agnienska Rostkowski's online showcase.

Artist Statement 

Before the virus, my work consisted of tangible headpieces that engaged multiple senses made from collected or mass produced items. The head was a significant part of the works because it is the most personal part of the human body. Our brains allow us to sense and process the world as the eyes become windows to our existence. Through our head, we are connected with our humanity through our body, soul, and mind.

As the work turned virtual, the concept of the head was still important, but I was now focused on imitating found objects that were abundant throughout the house. In other words, I had to work with trash. Through the platforms of Tinkercad and Lightwave, I was representing works that could exist in both virtual space and reality as well as some that could only exist virtually. The jump from mass produced items to trash, even in a virtual setting, wasn't a big leap, but their transformation from repetitive, unassuming items to art forms created a new sense of value to these objects that are often overlooked.

About the Artist

Agnieszka Rostkowski grew up in Illinois and went to Maine South High School before arriving at the University of Dallas to pursue her education further.  She worked for two years as a sewing assistant in the Costume Shop at the University.

As a sculptor, Agnieszka Rostkowski looks at the repetitive rituals of daily life and gives the mundane a personality. Through the use of technology and handcrafting, she creates headwear that mirrors the absurdity of humanity. Currently, she lives in Illinois and is working as an industrial sewer. She is working towards pursuing a career in the fashion industry. You can see more of Rostkowski’s work on her website.


For all the images in the exhibition "Connected" visit here. 









  Dazzling Jaagub


toilet paper rolls, ribbon, duct tape, cardboard, staples 11”x10”x11”




 Glorious Stantia


Software used- Tinkercad and Lightwave Projected Fabrication Materials- toilet paper rolls, paper Optimal dimensions- 8”x11”x11”


Super Wassa



 Super Waasa


Software used- Tinkercad and Lightwave Projected Fabrication Materials- painted metal tubes Optimal dimensions- 18”x12”x12”





 Powerful Blad (aerial view)


Software used- Tinkercad and Lightwave Projected Fabrication Materials- woven garbage bags Optimal dimensions- 35”x50”x50”









 Powerful Crift


reed, blackboard, spray paint 11”x30”x30”  


For all the images in the exhibition Connected:  visit here.