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Legacy Society

The University of Dallas Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who are securing UD's future through planned gifts. Legacy Society members are committed to ensuring UD remains academically strong and financially sound, now and into the future.

The Honorable Stephanie Bascon, BA '88 and Mr. Fabius Bascon, BA '88, MBA '89
Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Bauer, BS '66
Mr. Michael (Misha) E. Belcher, BA '72
Mr. Edwin S. Bell, Jr. and Mrs. Lynn Bell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. ✞ and Anne Butler, BA '65 Britton
Mr. and Mrs. O.D., BA '61 and Margie ✞ Cruse
Mr. Dominic Del Curto, BA '18
Mr. Michael J. Dixon, BA '85, MBA '87
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary Jo ✞ McGehee, MA '10 Dorn
Mr. and Mrs. Billie Ellis ✞ and Ann C. Lang-Ellis, BA '70
Ms. Kelly Frances Fanning, BA '92
Dr. Edith Rossi Fekete
Mrs. Lisa M. Gabriel, BA '90, MBA '12
Mr. Joseph Gavigan, MBA '00
Mr. and Mrs. Shahul and Philomena Hameed
Dr. Cristen Hamilton, MA '05
Mr. and Mrs. David K. and Tricia A. Hoffmann
Mr. John W. Ingram, BA '90
Mr. and Mrs. Todd, BA '12 and Mary Jacobson
Mr. Edward B. Janeczko, Jr. and Mrs. Linda E. Janeczko
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Anne Judge, BA '02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert, MA '92, PhD '95 and Annmarie Flynn, BA '91 Kelly
Most Reverend Greg Kelly, BA '78, M.Div '82
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Kiegerl
Ms. Joy Davis Kirsch, BA '85
Dr. Carl Kogut, BA '80
Mrs. Estelle Tovar Lara, BA '67, MA '74
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J., BA '60 and Ann R. Lerner
Mr. James Michael Lyons
Ms. Janet Hui MacDonald, MS '07
Mr. J. William McFarland, Jr.
Ms. Mikail M. McIntosh-Doty, BA '81
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel, BA '91, and Kathleen Uhl, BA, '91, MBA '95 Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Madison, BA '11, MBA '15, and Danielle Schumer, BA '10 Milliken
Dr. Andrew Damian Moran, BA '91
Mr. Charles B. Neubecker
Mr. Thomas J. Norman, Jr. and Mrs. Bertha B. ✞ Norman
Prof. and Mrs. Lyle ✞ and Sybil Novinski
Mr. Vincent R. Pawlowski, BA '85
Mr. and Mrs. Mike, BA '78 and Sharon Kapavik, BA '79, MA '89 Perkins
Mr. James C. Petzel, BA '75
Mr. Michael Pitstick, BA '15
Mr. John M. Posey, BA '87, MA '89
Mr. and Mrs. Elray D. Prejean
Mrs. Laura Felis Quinn, BS '86, MBA '18
Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Ted) and Carolyn Rekerdres, BA '73
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Ruby
Mr. and Mrs. Denis, BA '91 and Chrisy Ryan
Ms. Elia Abigail Santos, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Philip, BA '90, MBA '93 and Fanny Baltazar, BA '88, MBA '91 Sheumaker
Dcn. and Mrs. Denis and Denise Simon
Dr. Megan Anne Smith, BA '02, MBA '19
Ms. Sarah D. Sokora, BA '15
Mr. Ron St. Angelo
Mr. Jason Wu Trujillo
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Clare Venegas
Mrs. Bridgett G. Wagner, BA '81 and Mr. J. Steven Wagner
Mrs. Lely K. White
Mr. and Mrs. Francis (Fran), BS '86 and Nancy Williams
Dr. Donald L. Yandell, BA '62
Dr. Chafic Abiraad ✞
Mr. Fred Asmussen ✞
Mrs. Dorothy Evelyn Beyer ✞
Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Jo Anne Campbell ✞
Dr. Cherie Clodfelter ✞
Drs. Donald and Louise Cowan ✞
Ms. Wayne LeMay Crawford, BA '65 ✞
Mr. Robert H. Dedman ✞
Mr. and Mrs. William P. and Marie Esslinger ✞
Dr. Lorand Fekete ✞
Mr. Bernard Kim Foreman, MA '92 ✞
Mr. Patrick Haggerty ✞
Mr. James M. Lotochinski, BA '83 ✞
Mr. James (Jim) W. Maney, III '65 ✞
Mr. Frank K. Ribelin ✞
Mr. Archy M. Roper ✞
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. and Catherine Schulze ✞
Rev. John Ladislaus Vincius ✞
Msgr. Thomas W. Weinzapfel ✞
Dr. Robert E. Wood ✞