Facilities Recycling Program

Facilities Recycling Program

Facilities Recycling Program

In order to be as efficient as possible please follow these tips:

  • Everything must be clean, empty, and dry

  • All items, especially food containers must be free of all organic material like food, drink or grease

  • Ex: greasy pizza box, detergent bottle with residue


  • No composite items

  • Things made of more than 1 material cannot be recycled

  • Ex: Mailing envelopes with bubble wrap lining


  • If you are unsure if something is recyclable, throw it in the trash! It is better that one piece of recyclable material is in the landfill than one piece of trash ruins an entire load of recycling.

Items Approved and Accepted for Recycling

∙White Office paper                                                               ∙Sticky Notes

∙Colored office paper                                                            ∙Carbonless Forms

∙Computer paper                                                                   ∙Books

∙Envelopes (with or without windows)                              ∙Paperboard

∙Note cards                                                                            ∙Newspaper

∙Glossy Paper                                                                        ∙Paper bags

∙Magazines & Catalogs                                                      

Cardboard box   

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling

∙Chemical Wastes                ∙Feminine Napkins             ∙Styrofoam

∙Light Bulbs                           ∙Sharps (of any kind)         ∙TV Dinner aluminum trays

∙Pesticides                             ∙Aerosol Cans                     Food Wastes

∙Oily Rags                               ∙Grease & Oils                     ∙Wet Paper Towels

∙Petroleum Products            ∙E-wastes                            ∙Paints             

∙Lab (Bio) Wastes                 ∙Scrap Metals                     Chemical products

Thermometers or any mercury containing equipment (MCE's)

Any Oily rags or Flammable materials 

Last updated 2/26/21