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General Information

In 2019, the federal government issued new regulations imposing new disclosure requirements on colleges and universities. Beginning July 1, 2020, institutions of higher education are required to publicly and directly disclose information about state eligibility for all professional and academic programs that may lead to licensure in states where a prospective or enrolled student is currently located.


In a good faith effort to comply with these requirements, the University of Dallas collected data to inform students whether:

1) each University program that could potentially lead to licensure meets state requirements;

2) does not meet state requirements; or

3) the University has not yet determined whether the program meets state requirements.


UD Professional licensure disclosure policy click here

Licensure Programs


Currently, programs in four University departments may lead to licensure:

1) the Constantin College of Liberal Arts, Department of Education (BA and MA in various Teacher Certifications)

2) the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts Department of Education All Certification -Level (EC - 12th grade)

3) the Braniff Graduate School  of Liberal Arts Department of Psychology (Professional Licensed Counselor)

4) the Satish & Yasmin Gupta School of Business, Program in Accounting.


As part of its commitment to deliver the highest quality education and ensure students achieve their educational objectives, the University will monitor state requirements in states where prospective and enrolled students are located. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will update this information on this website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Vicky Morris-Dueer at

At present, the four programs discussed below were not determined to meet the criteria of this licensure ruling. However, in good faith to our students, we will continue to evaluate these programs as part of our annual policy review processes. Program leaders will also inform us directly if any changes occur to licensure.

Chaplaincy: The University of Dallas offers a chaplaincy program for individuals seeking to become certified chaplains within their own faith tradition. The University works with students to assist them in meeting the curricular requirements set forth by distinct chaplaincy associations, including the National Association of Professional Chaplains and the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Every student who desires to become a certified chaplain will be certified by a religious organization, not by a local, state or federal government—thus, although governmental entities recognize the chaplaincy certifying associations, the chaplaincy certification process itself is not regulated by a governmental entity. This program therefore falls outside the strictures of a licensing program and is not subject to public and direct disclosures.

Catholic Teacher Certificate: The University of Dallas Catholic Teacher Certificate enables students to meet the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department pedagogy requirements for teaching in Texas Catholic schools. This certificate is not considered a license, and thus is not subject to the public and direct disclosure requirements of other licensure programs. This curriculum prepares students to teach specifically in Catholic schools in Texas.

Master of Catholic School Leadership: The University of Dallas Master of Catholic School Leadership is designed to prepare students for a role as a principal, president or administrator in elementary and secondary Catholic education.  Students deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith and Catholic traditions, while gaining practical, experience-based skills for leadership.  This program is an interdisciplinary graduate degree, offered by the Ann and Joe O. Neuhoff Institute for Ministry & Evangelization in conjunction with the Department of Education in the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts. Successful students in this program do not obtain a license, and therefore this program is not subject to the public and direct disclosure requirements of other licensure programs.

 Biology/Nursing Program: The University of Dallas participates in a cooperative agreement program with Texas Woman's University (TWU) to offer a dual degree Nursing program. Completing this program, students earn two degrees, a bachelor of arts degree in biology from UD and the bachelor of science degree in nursing from TWU, in an integrated program that can be completed in five years. See the program website for more details and contact information.




Teacher Certification


Public Disclosures & State Licensing Board Directories

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