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Braniff Graduate School Tuition

Braniff Graduate School Tuition & Fees

Fall, Spring & Summer 2024 - 2025

Braniff Tuition (per credit hour) $800.00
Braniff Tuition Audit (per course) $792.00
Discount on the Tuition Rate Determined by Braniff Graduate School Liberal Arts:
Students who are receiving a discounted rate will be charged the tuition rate of $800.00.  They will then receive a 39.6% scholarship to reduce the tuition rate to $483.20 /CR HR.  (See Example Below)
Fellowship (Scholarship) Rate: 39.6%
(This equals a tuition rate of $483.20/CR HR the student is paying once the scholarship is applied to the student account.)
Internship Fee $100.00
Psychology Practicum (per credit hour) $800.00
Graduate Readings $75.00
Doctoral Readings $75.00


Braniff Fee (per credit hour) (non-refundable) $35.00
Braniff Graduate Student Assoc. Fee (Optional-Contact Braniff Office) (Fall, Spring and Summer) $25.00
Lab Fees (As assigned to the Course) $20.00-$100.00
Payment Plan Fee (per semester) (non-refundable) $60.00
International Health Insurance - Fall 2024 $760.00
International Health Insurance - Spring 2025 $657.00
International Health Insurance - Summer 2025 $579.00
Late Payment Plan Fee $60.00
Return Check Fee (non-refundable) $35.00
Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $100.00
UD Registration Withdrawal Fee (Summer Semesters Only) (non-refundable) $100.00
Braniff Late Registration Fee $100.00

Discount Rate of Tuition

Student receiving a tuition discount rate will be charged the normal Braniff tuition per credit hour rate.  A scholarship will be applied to the student account to reduce published rate to the discounted rate. The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts will determine who is eligible for the discounted rate.    (See Above)

Example (Estimate): NEED to BE UPDATED
Student who is in 3 hours and is receiving a discount on their tuition of 39.6% will see the following charges. 

Braniff Tuition (3 hours X $800.00/Cr Hr) $2,400.00
Braniff Fee (3 X $35.00/Cr Hr) $105.00
Braniff Graduate Student Association Fee $25.00
Total  $2,530.00
Fellowship (Scholarship) Calculation: 
Discount on Tuition: ($2,400.00 X 39.6% = $950.40)
Net Tuition Cost: ($2,400.00 - 950.40 = $1449.60)
Per Credit Hour Charge:  ($1449.60 / 3 =$483.20/Cr Hr )
Total Owed $1579.60