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Art Thesis Exhibitions 2020

from The Department of Art

Artists are nimble and none more than this group of students. Forced from the art village by the virus they went home to make do with whatever materials they could find on short notice. Their work exemplifies a strength in character and work ethic unique to UD students.


Our students accepted the challenge without weeping or gnashing of teeth. These artists used our unique circumstances to shift gears and make technically and conceptually robust work. They chose to use the issues of the day as fuel for their creative practice. Muses are everywhere, if we open ourselves to them. This group of students found theirs even at the center of national pandemic. We are all looking forward to October when many of their shows will manifest physically on campus.


But for now, this virtual art showcase is a celebration of our graduating students from the Department of Art at the University of Dallas. The work presented here is the culmination of an intensive and engaged studio research practice.


On behalf of the art department, I commend them with the highest distinction. Congratulations graduating art students!


Steven Foutch
Art Department Chair

Lithophyte IV - Veronica Barrera

MFA Graduates

The Master of Fine Arts Thesis Show is the culmination of a three year program in which artists explore their creative practice in depth. Disciplined studio practice is paired with the study of visual art from historical, theoretical and critical perspectives. The art faculty guides each student on an artistic journey, that is enriched by a close relationship with their advisor and critiques sessions with their artistic peers.

Jamie Gardner, MFA, Painting

Michelle Cortez Gonzales, MFA, Painting

Richie Peña, MFA, Printmaking

Senior Art Majors

The Senior Art Show exhibition is the capstone experience of four years of study by Bachelor’s of Art candidates in the field of art history, ceramics, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. Art majors are deeply involved in the artistic and scholarly life of the Haggerty Art Village. Their presence and studies across the liberal arts enrich this environment as they pursue interdisciplinary research.

Veronica Barrera, BA, Art Major: Ceramics

Stephanie Janysek, BA, Art Major: Ceramics

Agnieszka Rostkowski, BA, Art Major: Sculpture

Lucy Stariha, BA, Art Major: Printmaking

Emily Wingert, BA, Art Major: Printmaking