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Facilities Recycling Program

Facilities Recycling Program

Your Facilities department practices environmental compliance. Not only do we follow EPA /TCEQ standards in the disposal of the wastes generated here on campus, we also provide recycling opportunities to the campus. Facilities will not retrieve your recycling materials, you must bring them to the Facilities Yard to deposit them.


  • Single Stream & Mixed Stream: Types of waste streams defined by the recycler.
  • Glass Totes: 95 gallon container designed for glass deposits.
  • Shredding bins (for department use only).

Items Approved and Accepted for Recycling

∙White Office paper                                                               ∙Sticky Notes

∙Colored office paper                                                            ∙Carbonless Forms

∙Computer paper                                                                   ∙Books

∙Envelopes (with or without windows)                              ∙Paperboard

∙Note cards                                                                            ∙Newspaper

∙Glossy Paper                                                                        ∙Paper bags

∙Magazines & Catalogs                                                      

∙Glass (goes in 95 gallon totes located on Haggar Dock)                 

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling

∙Chemical Wastes                ∙Feminine Napkins             ∙Styrofoam

∙Light Bulbs                           ∙Sharps (of any kind)          ∙TV Dinner aluminum trays

∙Pesticides                             ∙Aerosol Cans                       Food Wastes

∙Oily Rags                               ∙Grease & Oils                      ∙Wet Paper Towels

∙Petroleum Products            ∙E-wastes                             ∙Paints             

∙Lab (Bio) Wastes                 ∙Scrap Metals                       Chemical products

Thermometers or any mercury containing equipment (MCE's)

Any Oily rags or Flammable materials.

We recycle and dispose of these items on a regular basis, just not in the campus recycling bin. If you have any questions regarding the items just mentioned contact Facilities at (972)721-5296.

Tips : CDE Clean, Dry, & Empty That's how the recycling items should be when you deposit them.

In order to be as efficient as possible please follow these tips:

  • Please do not throw any half filled cups, bottles, cans, or containers of any liquid waste, or food waste into the recycle bin. Make sure the items you deposit are empty, & dry. Any materials that have been contaminated by food wastes are not considered recyclable.
  • Close the lid on the recycle container once you have made your deposit.
  • Please break down cardboard boxes before depositing them into the  container.
  • You must bring your own recycle material to Facilities. The Facilities gate is open Mon.-Fri. between 7:30am until 4:00pm.

Recycling Container Locations

  • A recycle container is located in the Facilities Yard.
  • E-waste is recycled, however we do not have a campus site to store your office e-waste. Please wait for  the email announcing the next campus e-waste collection date.
  • Shredding bins are for department use only and are requested via work order.
  • The Haggar Dock compactor is no longer for recycle materials. It is for solid waste.




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