Academic Calendar

Registrar Academic Calendar (updated August 21, 2017)

For Undergraduate, Braniff Graduate School, and Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry

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 Fall 2017

August 12-13: Utility shutdown

August 16: Faculty day; opening of academic year for faculty. Grades for removal of incompletes for Braniff graduate students from spring and summer semesters due in Registrar's office.

August 18: Residence halls open for new students at 8:00 a.m. Fall Romers depart.

August 18-22: New student orientation and registration.

August 20: Residence halls open for continuing students. Contract food service begins with breakfast. 

August 21-24: Add/drop period for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry graduates.

August 22: Mass of the Holy Spirit at 5:00 p.m. (no noon mass this day). 5:00 daily Mass begins, Monday-Thursday

August 23: Fall semester classes begin for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry.

August 30: Final Registration Day, late fee applies. Instructor signature required to add a class after this date.

August 31: August conferral of degrees for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry. No ceremony.

September 1: Last day course may be added; last day course may be dropped without record.

September 4: Labor Day holiday.

September 7: Last day to verify fall registration.

September 9: Last day to waive student insurance

September 10: New Student Mass and Reception, Cistercian Abbey Church, 10:30 am

September 16: LSAT given on campus

September 20: Incomplete deadline for undergraduates (excluding students with earlier deadlines under academic discipline policies)

September 25: Information for spring schedule due

September 28: Deadline for filing application for graduation  in December (undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry). Note: cannot be enrolled in an Interterm class.

October 6: Fall Reading Day, no classes. Offices closed

October 9-13: Constantin midsemester period; grades due by Monday, October 16.

October 12-15: Alumni and Family weekend

October 14-20: Charity Week

October 27-28: Odyssey Days I

November 3: Last day to withdrawal from classes for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry

November 6-December 15: Advising and online early registration for Spring 2018. Registration booklets available November 1.

November 6-10: Housing registration for Spring 2018.

November 10-11: Odyssey Days II

November 20-26: Thanksgiving Break, begins at close of classes on Friday, November 17. Contract food service ends with dinner on Friday. Residence halls close at 10am through Sunday, November 26 at 8am. Food service resumes with dinner on Sunday. University closed 22-24, Wednesday - Friday.

November 27: Classes resume, 8am

December 5: Rome students return 

December 6: Last day of instruction in the main Fall session, undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry.

December 8: Final examinations begin

December 13: Final examinations end; official close of the semester; last day for online registration; Christmas recess begins at close of last examination period. Campus housing closes at 10am on Friday, December 15 with last meal as dinner on Wednesday, December 13. 

December 15: Last day for online early registration for Spring 2018.

December 20: Grades due from undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry

December 22 - January 2: University offices closed.

December 26: One residence hall opens for Interterm at 4pm. No contract food service available during Interterm.

December 27-January 12: Interterm. Classes also meet Saturday, December 30 and January 6. 

December 31: Official date for conferral of undergraduate, Braniff Liberal Arts, and School of Ministry degrees. No ceremony.

Spring 2018

January 1-2: University offices closed.

January 12: Last day of Interterm classes and final examinations. Braniff deadline for Incomplete grades.

January 14: Residence Halls open at 8:00am; food service resumes with dinner in the cafe on Sunday. Full service resumes in the Rathskeller on Tuesday, January 16.

January 15-16: Registration for Spring. Verification and add/drop for continuing students

January 17: Spring classes begin for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry. Resume 5:00pm daily Mass, Monday-Thursday

January 19: Rome Students depart (tentative)

January 23: Final registration day

January 26: Last day course may be added (permission of course instructor required after January 23); last day course may be dropped without record.

January 31: Final day to verify Spring registration.

February 3: Groundhog Party in the park.

February 14: Incomplete deadline for undergraduates (excluding students with earlier deadlines under academic discipline policies).

February 19: Crusader Preview

March 1: Information for Fall, Mayterm, and Summer schedules is due.

March 5-9: Undergraduate midsemester period.

March 10-18: Spring Break begins at the close of classes, Friday, March 9. Contract food service ends with dinner. Residence Halls closed from Saturday, March 10, at 10am though Sunday, March 18, at 8am. Food service resumes with breakfast on Sunday; classes resume at 8am Monday.

March 19: Midsemester grades due; classes resume at 8am.

March 23-24: Meet us @ the Tower I

March 29-April 2: Easter Break. Residence Halls open. No food service after lunch on Thursday, March 29, until dinner on Monday, April 2.

April 2-6: Housing registration for upcoming academic year.

April 3: Last day to withdraw from classes.

April 9-May 11: Counseling and early registration for fall semester.

April 13-14: Meet us @ the Tower II

May 3: Convocation honoring seniors, 3:30pm. Last day of instruction. 

May 4: Review day: no classes, no examinations. Closing receptions and presentations for senior Art Studio and Art History students, 5:30-9:00pm.

May 5: Examinations begin

May 8: Rome students return

May 10: Examinations end; grades must be turned in for May graduates by noon. Official close of the semester. Residence Halls close for everyone but graduates at 10am Friday; Thursday dinner is last contract meal. End 5pm daily Mass for semester. Only noon daily. 

May 12: Baccalaureate Mass at 6pm followed by President's Reception.

May 13: Commencement, 9am

May 15: All grades due in Registrar's Office

May 18: Bulletin corrections due to Provost office. 



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