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Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2020

Printable Final Exam Schedule.  Please note: The final exam schedule is subject to change.  Banner will have the most recent updates.

ALL FINAL EXAMS are posted in Banner and any changes will be notated in Banner.
1.  Log into Banner with User Name and PIN.
2.  Click on "Student" tab.
3.  Click on "Registration" tab.
4.  Click on "Student Detail Schedule".
5.  Choose "Spring 2020".
Classes that have a final exam will show date, time, and room under the class meeting time.  Final Exam dates are 05/09, 05/11, 05/12, and 05/13.  When registering for classes, please note that those dates are for final exams.  If the class DOES NOT have a final exam, NO final exam will appear for that class with those dates.

Exam rooms: Again, the final exam room, date and time are in Banner.  If a different room is listed for 05/09, 05/11, 05/12, and 05/13, that is the final exam room.

Final Exam Dates and Times (updated 8/5/2019)

Please note: The final exam schedule is subject to change.  Banner will have the most recent updates.

To find exam time: Find the time block for each class you are taking this semester. For instance, if you are taking a class that meets MWF at 10:00AM, the exam will be given on Monday during the 9-11AM time period.

Any exceptions are noted in BOLD below.

Note:  There is no official University policy regarding the maximum number of exams a student may have on a given exam day.

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Exam Time






TR 11:00

MWF 10:00
MF 10:00
W 10:00

TR 9:10
TR 9:30
TR 10:00
ENG 1302

MWF 1:00

MW 1:00

M 1:00

W 1:00

TR 12:30
TR 1:00

MWF 3:00
MW 3:00
MW 3:30
M 3:00

TR 8:00
2-4PM TR 2:00
T 2:00


MWF 9:00
MW 9:00

MWF 11:00
MWF 12:00

MWF 12:30

W 12:00


MWF 2:00
MW 2:00

M 2:00
W 2:00

F 2:00

TWR 3:00
TR 3:00
TR 3:30

 M 2:00

MW 4:00

MW 4:30

W 4:00

W 4:30

MWF 5:00

MWF 8:00

MW 8:00

T 4:00


R 5:00
R 6:30
R 7:00

M 5:30
M 6:00
M 6:30

M 7:00

T 6:00
T 7:00

W 6:00
W 7:00


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