Privacy and Disclosure of Student Records (FERPA)

Privacy and Disclosure of Student Records (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also known as FERPA) is a federal law that affords students at institutions of higher education the right to have access to their education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records.

Student Right of Access

Each student has the right to inspect and review his or her education records.

A student who would like to make a formal request to inspect or review his or her education records should do so through the online request form or by directly contacting the University's Compliance Officer.

Amendment of Education Records

If a student believes the education records relating to the student contain information that is inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the student's rights of privacy, he or she may ask the University to amend the record.

Requests should be submitted to the University official who serves as the record holder of the official copy. If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the record holder, the student may appeal through the online request for hearing form or by directly contacting the University's Compliance Officer.

Disclosure of Education Records

Except as otherwise provided by University policy or applicable federal, state, or local law, the University will not disclose personally identifiable information from a student's education records unless the student has provided a signed and dated written consent prior to the disclosure.

Directory Information

'Directory information' means information contained in an education record of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Directory information includes, but is not limited to, the student's name, address, telephone listing, electronic mail address, photograph, date and place of birth, major field of study, grade level, enrollment status, dates of attendance, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, degrees, honors, and awards received, and the most recent educational agency or institution attended.

The University may disclose directory information without a student's consent, unless the student has exercised his or her right to opt out. A student may exercise his or her right to opt out by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

University Policies

University policies are housed in a central location overseen by the Office of General Counsel. You can find them here.
The following University policies specifically relate to rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):

Consent to Release Education Records (FERPA) Form

If students wish to have their parents, guardians, or any others have access to their records, they must fill out the following form. Until such time as this form is on file with the University, professors and staff members cannot discuss grades, academic progress, or student conduct affairs with these others.