Herbert Remidez Ph.D.

Herbert Remidez

Associate Professor of Business Analytics, Gupta College of Business

Phone: (972) 721-5211

Email: hremidez@udallas.edu

Office: SB Hall #207

Why did you become a professor?
I enjoy helping people and learning. Being a professor in a rapidly-changing field like analytics allows me help people learn valuable skills and challenges me to keep learning.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I like hearing that students advanced in their careers because of something they learned through interacting with me or with fellow students.

What do you hope students gain from your courses?
My goal is for students to gain the ability to apply new knowledge in ways that create value.

What did you do prior to entering academia?
I served as an F-16 Crew Chief in the U.S. Air Force, consulted for technology startups, and managed software development projects.

What are you passionate about outside of the University?
Running, biking and being outside are my favorite past times.

What are your research interests?
Applications of machine learning, project estimation and student learning are my research interests.